Ghanaian Pastors Wives

Christianity is a widely practiced religion in Ghana such that churches are among the top booming places in the country. Ghana has also produced a lot of successful ministers of God who have gained international recognition both for their spiritual prowess and their economic strength. Many of these pastors have become so successful in their career that they are now ranked among the wealthy in the globe.

I strongly believe that for these gospel icons to have achieved so much, there are some things that have served as their backbone and motivators, and if we are to find out, I am sure that their wives will rank top in the list. This will certainly be in fulfillment of the popular saying that, “Beside every successful man, there is a woman”.

Without much ado, take a look at the major achievements of successful Ghanaian pastors and the adorable women who were behind them.

1.  Rev. (Mrs) Adelaide Heward-Mills

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills is a Christian Evangelist and the founder of Lighthouse Chapel International, Ghana. His ministry started from nothing in his days at the Ghana Medical School. Today, the church has 1550 branches in 66 countries of the world. The headquarters is at  The Qodesh, one of the largest and most modern complexes in Ghana. He is also the author of 30 widely read books and so many other numerous achievements.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills has a humanitarian ministry to widows, prisoners, the blind, sick and poor in the society. He has also founded an orphanage, the Lighthouse Christian Children’s Home, to cater for orphans and a primary school, the Lighthouse Christian Mission School, to ensure their education. These are under the capable management of his dear wife of over 20 years, Lady Rev. Adelaide Heward-Mills. She is his soul mate.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

2. Rev (Mrs) Vivian Sena Agyin Asare

Bishop Charles Agyin Asare, a man of God whose heart beat for souls every moment of his life, is the founder of the World Miracle Church International. He also writes books which also contribute to his wealth. His church has about 300 plus branches in Ghana and other countries. His wife, Rev (Mrs) Vivian Sena Agyin Asare is a pretty and hardworking woman who has helped her husband in great measures to become what he is today. She’s really a great part of his strength.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

3. Mrs. Joy Otabil

Dr. Mensah Otabil  is the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church. He is an Educator, Entrepreneur and Consultant. He is the Founder and Chancellor of the Central University College and also the Chief Executive Officer of Otabil and Associates. His wife, Mrs Joy Otabil has played roles that contributed tremendously to the success of the ministry of this exceptional man of God. I would say that she is the color added to his husband’s career.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

4. Pastor Rosemond Anaba

Rev. Eastwood Anaba is the founder and president of the Eastwood Anaba Ministries, one of the most popular Christian ministries in Ghana. His wife, Pastor Rosemond Anaba, is the vice president. She is a woman with an unusual caring spirit and is a great source of inspiration to her husband first, and then to many women around the globe. She is a dedicated teacher of the word of God with very practical insights into family life and personal development, and also oversees the Social Transformation division of EAM whose mission is to equip and empower orphans and destitute children in Ghana and beyond to acquire quality formal education and or entrepreneurial skills. These qualities and many other virtues which she possesses make her the perfect match of Rev. Anaba and the result is overflowing success and fame.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

5. Mrs. Rita Korankye Ankrah

Apostle General of the Royal House Chapel, Rev. Sam Nii Korankye Ankrah heads a thriving charismatic church that has its headquarters in Accra and a network of branches in many countries. He is one of the most-blessed Ghanaian pastors who really admit to the fact that they are blessed. His very good looking and adorable wife, Mrs. Rita Korankye Ankrah is a strong woman who is ever beside her husband in seeing to the progress of the work of the ministry.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

6. Wife of Dr. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom (Prophet One)

Prophet Dr. Ebenezer Adarkwa Yiadom is the leader of the Ebenezer Miracle Worship Centre. He is believed to have the largest church building and largest congregation in the Ashanti Region, Ghana’s most populous region. The church also has branches in Sunyani, Accra, Tema, Takoradi and other parts of the country. He has a very beautiful and charming wife who’s a great support to him in the work of the Lord.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives

7. Mrs. Florence Obinim

Controversial Bishop Dr. Daniel Obinim is the leader of International God’s Way Church. His church has eight branches and a large following in Ghana. Despite all the scandalous rumors that have been looming around Bishop Obinim for a while now, we still deem it it fit to include him in this list of successful Ghanaian pastors based on the extent of fame he has attained in that field. His beautiful young wife has been so wonderful and we know she’s a great source of strength and motivation to him. She is always ready to stand beside him even at all odds. I believe its a matter of time, and they’ll be back to their feet.

Ghanaian Pastors Wives