Please Pray for the Electoral Commission – Nana Addo Appeals to Ghanaians

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Presidential Candidate, Nana Akuffo Addo since the start of electioneering for the upcoming polls has really proven to be a true Christian who has his full faith and trust in God for the achievement of his goals for Ghana. The NPP Flagbearer has often reflected this through his constant  summons for prayers to be held over all the affairs of the country.

This time around, Akufo-Addo has asked Ghanaians to pray for the Electoral Commission (EC) as pressure mounts on the Commission to deliver credible elections.

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Considering the pile of duties awaiting the EC to be tackled before the November elections and the time frame available, it seems obvious that the commission would not meet up with the demands.

This is the major reason why some political parties and influential civil society groups are questioning the Electoral Commission’s readiness for the imminent elections.

Among other tasks to be completed by the EC is the Supreme Court’s mandate to clean the voters register. It is for this reason that the NPP flagbearer Nana calls on Ghanaians to pray for the Commission to enable them deliver all the services required of them against the upcoming elections.

While acknowledging the previous prayers made for the peace of the country, Nana Addo also called for special prayers on behalf of the Electoral commission to enable them carry out their responsibilities  in a transparent and open manner that will not bring about any chaos so that whoever wins or loses in the election will accept it in good faith. This he said will ensure the maintenance of peace and stability in the country after the elections.

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Nana Addo who marked the Christian Holy Day of Pentecost at the Church of Pentecost, Kaneshie Assembly on Sunday also admonished Ghanaians to remain united ahead of  the 2016 general elections.

According to him, the nation can overcome any form of challenge that may arise in the November election only if citizens remain united.