Pregnant Nursing Trainees To Write Their Licensing Exams From Now On -CHRAJ

Following the denial of 3 pregnant nursing trainees of the Mampong Nurses and Midwifery Training School from registering for their licensing examination, the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice, (CHRAJ) has ordered that such students be registered in the upcoming external licensing exam in August.

Three students of the Mampong Training school in the Ashanti Region had been denied registration for licensing exams because they were pregnant. Although such rule has been scrapped by the Ministry of health, the school went ahead to deny the students registration.

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However, Human Rights Lawyer, Mr Francis Xavier-Sosu, whose law firm is F-X Law & Associates, took up case, on Friday. Filing a petition at CHRAJ, Mr Sosu prayed the commission to intervene on the situation especially as there was limited time for the registration. Mr Sosu said he wanted “an immediate intervention to ensure that the students registered and wrote their licensing examinations”.

Fortunately, for the affected pregnant nursing trainees, they have been given a go ahead to proceed with their registration.

Speaking to Citi News, Mr. Sosu prayed CHRAJ to make some appropriate recommendations to permanently resolve the problem.

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He further explained that the ban on pregnant women from seating for licensing exams is not peculiar to Mampong alone as there were other schools still experiencing the same thing. Mr Sosu noted that there have been calls from other schools who were complaining about a similar discrimination against them.

It is highly important that nurses trainees and students as a whole, know and understand their rights. On May 29, the Deputy Director of Health, Clinical Services, Volta Region, called on CHRAJ to extend its basic human rights training to nursing training schools. This is to enable them act accordingly when such rights are being infringed.