Pregnancy and Delivery: Expert Reveals 3 Vital Reasons Why You Should Shave Your Wife

Regular shaving of the pubic hair is a vital part of prenatal care, but the growing baby bump makes it very difficult for an expectant mother to do it herself…

A nurse at the Surgical Department of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Sebastian Ayivor, has urged husbands of expectant mothers to help their wives out with shaving prior to their delivery time.

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According to Mr Ayivor “Some [pregnant women] come in [during antenatal visits] with unshaved private parts”.

One needs not be told that shaving the pubic and vulva ranks high among the very many tasks every pregnant woman starts finding extremely difficult to perform as her baby bump continues to grow. This difficulty leaves a lot of expectant mothers with no other option than to go bushy.

But a recent report from The Mirror says medical expert Ayivor has urged husbands to help their wives out with shaving their private parts due to the following vital reasons:

1. To Prevent Infections

It is important to have a regular shave during pregnancy and before delivery to prevent neonatal infection because babies have weak immune systems which make them vulnerable to all sorts of ailments.

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According to Mr Sebastian Ayivor hairs harbour a lot of microbial organisms which can expose babies to eye infections. He pointed out that since the Spontaneous Vaginal Delivery (SVD) is normally done with the cephalic position (a birth position where the head enters the pelvis first), the vulva must be shaved to avoid trapped microbes around the area from being transmitted to the eyes of the baby.

He further stated that shaving the private part is an indispensable part of prenatal care because even in cases where the birth will be done through a Caesarean Section, it will still require shaving before it is performed to prevent intraoperative or postoperative infections.

2. For Better Visual Access

According to Ayivor, having the female external genitalia well shaven gives midwives visual luxury for easy access during delivery. They will be able to see clearly as they guide the baby out.

3. To Save Time

Shaving ahead of labour and delivery also prevents a waste of time. This because it saves the midwives the time they would have used to do it before proceeding.

Mr Ayivor also advised that in cases where the expectant mother is not married or lives far away from her husband, she should seek help from her caretaker, relatives or close friends.