Prof Martey Never Told A Lie! Presby Church Trashes Former PRO’s Claims

Following claims by former Presby PRO against outgoing moderator Prof Emmanuel Martey’s claims of rejecting bribe from politicians, Presby Church backs Prof Martey, describing claims by the former as malicious lies

The Presbyterian Church of Ghana has come out to debunk the claims made by its former Public Relations Officer, that the outgoing moderator of the church Professor Emmanuel Martey, accepted a bribe of $100,000 dollars from some politicians.

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The outspoken and fearless Moderator of PCG during a conference last Tuesday, revealed that he rejected different forms of bribe from politicians who have tried to buy his conscience with money, and keep him from criticising the government. Mentioning some of the gifts, the moderator said some politicians attempted to bribe him with $100,000, a car, and a mansion at Trasaaco, to be silent.

The gallant moderator, who is known for his harsh statements of dissension against some government policies, added that he would continue to speak the truth, as he has refused to be muzzled by politicians.

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However Emmanuel Osei Akyeampong, a former PRO of PCG, alleged that the outgoing moderator accepted bribe in form of money and houses from politicians. The former PRO had gone further to say that Prof Martey received the bribe from one of the leading opposition parties in the country, to speak in their favour. He also added that he has proof to back his claims.

According to him, the outgoing moderator accepted the bribe and tried giving part of it to him (Osei). According to him, the moderator invited him to the office of one of the leading opposition parties on July 28 2013, around 8:15pm, and tried to give him part of the $100,000, which he received alongside a V8 car.

But Presby Church backs Prof Martey in a statement, describing the allegations made by Emmanuel Osei Akyeampong as malicious lies. In the statement, the church said that the allegations made by the former PRO were fabricated, as the man in question has resorted to character assassination of some top officials of PCG especially the Moderator, Rev. Professor Emmanuel Martey.

Analysing the sequence of events, the church said that the former PRO was dismissed from office before the 28th July 2013. Acccording to the statement, it is then impossible that Emmanuel Martey would invite Mr. Akyeampong to the office of a political party to receive a bribe, more than one month after his dismissal.

In the statement also, Presby church backs Prof Martey regarding his lashes at politicians, saying that he has every right to comment on any issue which he believes is in the interest of the nation. The church also made it clear that they do not take sides when it comes to politics.