Mahama Promises Ghanaians Millions of Jobs If Elected Once Again

At the commissioning of the new Komenda Sugar factory Monday, President Mahama reiterated to the people, his promise of creating more jobs in Ghana.

The President commissioned the factory during his ‘Accounting to the People’ tour in the Central Region.

During the inauguration, he highlighted the positive gains hoped to be achieved from the new Komenda sugar factory which include the creation of jobs for Ghanaian youths.

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The factory which was established decades ago by the late President Kwame Nkrumah was closed down due to some technical and operational challenges leaving hundreds of Ghanaians jobless.

The President explained that he will be able to fulfill fully, his promise of job creation in his second term.

Buttressing this point, he pointed out that he has used his first tenure to take care of fundamental economic issues such as ensuring macroeconomic stability, restoring the social and economic infrastructure, and making the economy favorable for investors.

Mahama promised that if given a second opportunity, he will then see to a launching of the green revolution in Ghana.

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According to him, 50 new farmer service centres are already being designed across the country to provide subsidized fertilizers, agricultural mechanization services, improved seeds to farmers in all parts of this country.

He indicated that his next term of office will see a massive investment in the real sector which is the sector that creates jobs across the country. John Mahama added that through the move, millions of jobs will be created for the youth.

He said that the achievement of these plans will be facilitated through intensified research by the academia.

The President also invited the private sector to increase their investment appetite for these projects in order to boost the expected yields.