President Of Ghana, John Mahama NOT The Father Of Nadia’s Twins, Says Father

Earlier in the week, news went viral of Nadia Buari claiming that her country’s president, John Mahama is indeed the father of her twins. This story was reported in most leading ghanaian newspapers all over the country, including online gossip sites. It was even reported by that the Ghanaian actress herself spoke to them and confirmed that the President Of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama is the father of her twins.

“You don’t need a soothsayer to tell you nor do you need a fake prophet to spell it out to you that John Mahama is the father of my twins,” she was quoted to have said.

But we can confirm authoritatively that it is NOT TRUE. President John Mahama is not the father of Nadia’s twins.

The step-father of the stunning actress and mother, Alhaji Sidiku Buari has blasted angrily at the media for perpetuating such news saying that is disrespectful to the number one citizen of Ghana.

Alhaji Buari says he is very angry with some media spokespersons for guessing false stories that President John Mahama is the father of his step-daughter’s twins. He is also very disappointed about a report that Nadia Buari has granted an interview, revealing that the president is the father of her twin’s babies which she delivered last month.

Nigerian actor, Jim Iyke, was initially linked to the paternity of the babies before other reports surfaced a few weeks ago, a man whose picture was all over the internet, residing in the US who was said to be Nadia Buari’s classmate in the university could be the father of the twins. And since the report was neither confirmed or rejected, some reports now interrelated the president to the new twins.

According to Alhaji Buari, who discredited the rumors which he labelled “cheap fabrications,” they are all lies.

“It’s a huge lie. Much as I respect some the media persons but many of them are just unbelievable what they put in the newspapers or what you hear on the radio and the T.V because in most circumstances they lie,” he refuted.

“Where will Nadia say that? Where on globe did this happen? In a Spanish radio station, isn’t that too funny? Just in recent times, somebody was showing me two images of twins which were not the twins that Nadia had,” he concluded.

When quizzed about who the actual father of the babies are, he stressed that he would not say and that the rumors were a means of blackmailing them to reveal the identity of the father of the twins.

It is a sad development that Ghanaians has developed the art of attributing everything that goes wrong to President. They blame him for everything, even things that go on in their personal lives. Let’s unite in nation building and stop undermining the efforts of Mr. President. Nadia Burai has not granted any interview as regards the birth of her twins and until then, let’s stay calm.