‘Let’s Agree to ECG Privatization; It’s for Our Own Good’ – Seth Terkper

Workers of ECG had earlier kicked against moves by government to privatize ECG and had vowed to resist it.

Despite the controversies surrounding the issue of privatization of the Electricity company of Ghana (ECG), the Minister of Finance Seth Terkper has assured Ghanaians that government has the interest of the people at heart. He explained that privatizing the company would bring forth positive benefits to the country.

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For that reason, he said that government will follow through its plans of allowing private participation in some aspect of the ECG, making it clear again that will not be an absolute privatization.

Privatization of ECG has stirred up lots of criticisms from stakeholders especially against the present government. Workers of the company had earlier kicked against the moves by government to privatize ECG and had vowed to reject it.

Seth Terkper who spoke to journalists after a meeting with ECG workers on Wednesday said the move is to ensure that ECG and the Northern Electricity Distribution Company (NEDCo) are in strong positions. Government has also said it is putting in place measures to protect the company’s staff.

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The Public Utilities Workers Union (PUWU), also protested against the privatization. It had said that government is running away from its responsibilities to Ghanaians by seemingly relinquishing their control over the company to private entities. But President Mahama has explained that government does not intend to privatize the company but is only using the private sector as an edge to reach out to more clients and also boost revenue collection.

The various critics are of similar opinions which is centred on their fear that government may lose control in the affairs of the ECG. One can only wait to see the outcome of the government’s plans for the company.