Have a Look! Professor Nurses His Student’s Baby While She…

What may be described as bizarre or rather, surprising occurrences continue to take place as long as the world endures. You’ll be surprised beyond measure to see these photos showing a classroom setting where a Professor nurses student’s baby.

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The photos show a man with a baby strapped to his back in what is supposed to be a classroom. The photos have gone viral on social media since they filtered into the net.

According the Twitter user (@adewryght) who posted the photos, the man is a professor at a university in Bouake, Cote d’Ivoire who was benevolent enough to help the baby’s mother [who is his student], to take care of the crying child so that she can concentrate on her exams.

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See the surprising photos below:

Professor nurses student's babyUniveristy-Prof-Babysits-Baby-for-Student  Professor nurses student's baby

I couldn’t really pinpoint how I feel about this. I therefore decided to share it with my audience to know your take on it. What do you think pals?