VIDEO: Pray for Ghana, Nigeria Over Looming Terror Attacks – Prophet TB Joshua

Renowned Nigerian Pastor and Founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations(SCOAN), Prophet TB Joshua has once again released one those prophesies of doom!

This time around, the target victims are Ghana and Nigeria. Based on one of his sayings that “in a country where there is pushing pushing, what you do is prayer”, the man of God asked his congregation to pray seriously for these two nations.

This he said during his live Sunday sermon on April 10 aired on Emmanuel Tv. He went on to explain that there are imminent terror attacks which are being directed towards Ghana and Nigeria. His words:

I am seeing Thursday, Friday, Saturday. If I may say Thursday – because these evil people they are very funny. Anything can just happen. You will be very shocked to see what will happen, because when the prayer is going in this direction, they [attackers] change to another direction, Prophet TB Joshua said.

I see Thursday, Friday. Pray for these two nations – Nigeria and Ghana – over gathering in any way; over attack. I am seeing attack and that will be in a foreign way. The attack will come not in a local way. So please open your lips and pray for these two nations for protection, he added.

Previous Terror Alerts Agrees with Prophet TB Joshua’s Prophecy

We would recall that this prophesy concurs with a recent prediction by the National Security Council. The security council had said that some countries in the West African sub-region, especially Ghana are at risks of terror attacks. According to them, this prediction was based on briefings by intelligence agencies and partners. They had therefore called for serious alertness on the part of security agencies in the country as well as the citizens at large. This is to ensure that the looming danger is forestalled as much as humanly possible.

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Even before now, some religious bodies in Ghana had also called for prayers towards the nation’s security. This became important seeing the recent deadly attacks on Mali, Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast.

From most indications, we could say that Ghana as a country has been on their toes in this aspect. However, this prophecy from the powerful prophet TB Joshua is coming as a reminder for us to brace ourselves for more prayers and security consciousness.

Watch video below: