Prostitution in Ghana: Two Nigerian Women Nabbed for Forcing Girls into Commercial Sex Work

Six girls were transported into the country by some Nigerian women for the purpose of practicing prostitution in Ghana…

It is quite disappointing to know that Ghana is turning into a hub for prostitution, in the sense that people from other countries now traffic women into the state for commercial sex work. Two Nigerian women have been arrested for allegedly transporting six girls from Nigeria in order to engage them in forced prostitution in Ghana.

Two suspects identified as Ify Mba, 33, and Amanda Eze Chioma, 23, were arrested by police men from the Baatsona Division in Accra. According to reports, the police raided a hotel in Accra where they found victims aged between 21 and 26. The victims who were reportedly brought into the country in March 2017, were held captive at the said hotel where they were sexually exploited.

All six of them were rescued and when they were interrogated, they said they were brought to Ghana by the suspects -Ify Mba and Amanda Chioma. suspects

Narrating the series of events, they said they were initially told they were on transit to Germany and Dubai to be employed as house helps. They were told by the suspects that they would first pass through Ghana where all their travelling documents would be processed.

However, while at the hotel, the suspects made them put on sophisticated clothing and accessories, in order to look attractive to men. Two of the ladies said that upon finding out the true intentions of the women, they refused to comply. This had caused the women to lock them up and deny them food until the police came to their rescue. This was the ordeal of these victims till the police caught up with the suspects.

The worse part of the story is that these ladies were forced to swear an oath to go into prostitution or go mad if they default. The ladies said they were later asked to work and pay an amount of 555,000 Naira, equivalent to 2,000 Dollars each before their release.

The head of the police division, Chief Superintendent Felix K Cosmos, while briefing the media said the suspects will be prosecuted before an Accra Circuit Court, while the victims will be handed over to the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit to be transported back to Nigeria.