Revamped! Radio Presenter Ada Makes A Big Come Back! Check Out Her New Show

Radio Presenter Ada comes back revamped after her mental saga. The female radio presenter who last year, was flooding the media for the wrong reasons has decided to show the world she has bounced back fully with a dashing move. After her mental challenges and series of trauma which finally landed her in Police Hospital last year, Adalicious Ada is launching a beauty pageant for the mentally challenged.

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Radio Presenter Ada spent some time on admission at the Police Hospital after allegedly staging her own kidnapping and gang-rape last year. Nude photos of her suggesting she was being gang raped went viral on social media last year. She was later reported missing by her employers and news had also broke out she was abducted.

Furthermore, after series of investigations, the police revealed the whole incident to be staged but the presenter denied all that. She was later diagnosed with bipolar disorder. However the storm for her is over, although she still hopes that the case be taken to court so she could bench rumours that she faked her own rape.

Ada who have felt what it’s like to be in their shoes, has decided to host a beauty pageant for mentally challenged people at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. According to her, people need to pay attention to the mentally challenged . Revealing her plan on Hitz FM she had said that ”they are logical, they just see things differently.” Having been in the same position she said that even in their mental state, they (the mentally ill ones) can still do positive things. Ada emphasizes that the mentally challenged deserve a chance to be happy.

Invite for The Mr and Miss Accra Psychiatric Show
Invite for The Mr and Miss Accra Psychiatric Show

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The radio presenter Ada, has gradually spotted back into the limelight in her bid to end the stigmatization of mentally challenged persons. While many are expecting the radio presenter to look depressed after the saga, she blossoms in resilience and is ready to get back to business. The controversial radio presenter said that the depressing saga ironically, has made her stronger, and that people are always surprised to see her happy and strong after the whole incident.

The Pageant is to take place on May 2 at the premises of the Accra Psychiatric Hospital. The show which she describes as a day of Glit and Glamour, will entail singing and dancing competitions as well as other interesting and engaging games, and finally The Mr and Miss Accra Psychiatric. Ada, who is advocating for the mentally challenged hopes to curb the gross stigmatization of such people.