Rashida Black Beauty Arrested Over Nude Video: Everything You Should Know

Rashida Black Beauty arrested: It’s likely that the 18-year-old who is being interrogated by the police will be charged with indecent public exposure...

Instagram star Rashida Mohammed has been arrested by the Berekum Police over her recent nude video. The 18-year-old got tongues wagging on social media after she exposed her genitals in a viral video. The dirty video was criticized by a section of the public as one that corrupts morals.

According to reports, Rashida was on Tuesday 25th July 2017, invited by the Berekum Police for interrogation into the publication of her naked video on social media. These reports were confirmed by Detective Chief Inspector Dapaa of the Criminal Investigations Department of the Berekum Police Service, in an exclusive interview with Citi Showbiz.

 Rashida Black Beauty
Rashida Black Beauty arrested

The detective who cited the Constitution said that per the Criminal Code of Ghana, publishing nude photos and videos constitute an indecent exposure and is punishable by law. In the meantime, Rashida has been granted bail and is expected to report again tomorrow for further investigations into the matter.

The 18-year-old caused a stir on various social media platforms after she released the ‘stinking’ video exposing her private parts, in a bid to punch herself into cheap fame.

The video earned her the distaste of majority Ghanaians with many describing her as an as ‘insane and uncultured zoo-keeping child’ While many blamed her actions on poor parental upbringing, others blamed it on the society’s reluctance towards good morals.

Rashidatu Mohammed has since apologized, suggesting the video was not meant for the public. The 2016 Jigwe Award winner, whose controversial video popularized the term ‘malafaka’ took to her Facebook page to render an apology to Ghanaians.

However, her apologies were mere recitations to the police who have chosen to see justice run its full course. With Rashida Black Beauty arrested, it’s likely she will be charged with indecent public exposure.

Miss Mohammed currently has 7,086 followers on her Instagram account. it is believed that the releasing of the video was premeditated to catch public attention.

Wisa’s Indecent Exposure

Another case of indecent exposure which can be used as a yardstick in this case, is that of music star Wisa Gried. Wisa was arrested arraigned and charged with gross indecent exposure after he reportedly exposed his genitals on stage during a performance in December 2015.

Social media was awash with tongue-lashings after videos of Wisa rubbing his manhood on the behind of his female dancer on stage went viral. Though his lawyer had pushed the defense that it was a dildo and not his actual genitals that was displayed on stage, the musician was greatly sanctioned for the act.