MUST-READ! Rawlings Refuses to Mention Mahama’s Name During NDC Campaign Launch

Still on the trending 2016 NDC Campaign Launch held at the Cape Coast Stadium on Sunday the 14th of August…

Former President Jerry John Rawlings who was also present at the NDC Campaign Launch gave out an unusually short speech which could be best described as ‘sceptical’. He never mentioned President Mahama’s name throughout the speech, talk more of encouraging people to vote for him.

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Addressing party supporters at the event, the NDC founding father dished out few but stern words of advice to his party.  He made it clear to them that they will not find the coming elections easy. He also warned them to be careful with the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) because, they have got a strong foundation which should never be underestimated.

Rawlings went on to warn members of the party never to imitate the actions of the NPP as doing so would terminate the party’s incumbency. He finally encouraged them to carry out a clean and stable election, while wishing everyone a safe trip back to their various homes.

Former president Jerry Rawlings’ somewhat doubtful attitude towards the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has not gone unnoticed in recent times. It was noticed on Sunday, that the Former President addressed the party as if he is no longer a part of it. He significantly restricted his use of ‘we’ and instead, used ‘you’. This attitude started coming into play since the time of Late President Atta Mills. It became more prominent under Mahama’s administration and has always been reflected in most of his recent speeches.

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Below is the Short Speech Given by Former President Rawlings at the NDC Campaign Launch

“Let me just give you one point. The NPP cannot be underestimated, you know it and I know it. They’ve been in existence for a long time, and have been changing their names up till this day. The nature of who they are, and what they are and where they’ve come from, it’s something they are happy with and they will be there for a long time.”

The calculation I want to put before you is that, by virtue of who and what they are, their mannerisms, their character, will necessarily give rise to what you and I are in the NDC. In other words, by virtue of who we are; where we’ve come from, how we came about into being, I keep saying, we cannot afford to fight them on their terms.”

“It’s important than we fight them on our terms. What are those terms? In other words, let’s not mimic their behaviour. Let us reach into the principles and the values they emerged out of the circumstances that gave birth to us. And if we can hold onto those principles and those values, we will move way into the future and no one can ever defeat us. We will ride and override any obstacle as we did in the past. Mimic them as some of them are doing and we will run into problems. Let’s have a clean clear and stable election. I wish you all the best, get back home in one piece, no accidents.”