Read What IMANI Ghana Said About Donald Trump’s Victory In USA

The Executive Director of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe said the Victory of Republican’s Donald Trump in the US had contradicted all polls staged to favor Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton.

He pointed out that the media, with the support of powerful individuals antagonized Mr. Trump which resulted in the kind of negative media footage he received in the course of the campaign.

Speaking to Raymond Acquah, host of Joy FM’s Ghana Connect programme on Friday, Cudjoe added that the US election polls were corruptly rigged as Trump initially warned during his presidential campaign.

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The Billionaire business mogul’s victory and his inauguration as the President of the United States of America, precisely on Wednesday, November 2016, had sent shock waves around the world; sparking adverse protest from Secretary Clinton’s supporters who believed their candidate should have won the election given the high vote count received from major polls.

Based on numerous predictions which indicated that the former First Lady of America would become the first  female President of the United States, millions of people remain in shock for her loss.

Mr. Trump was seen as a lousy fellow because of his feared policies against illegal immigrants, Mexicans and Muslims around the world, whom he’s determined to temporarily hinder from visiting the US once he becomes President.

After the elections, out of 538 electoral votes, Mr. Trump polled 279 votes while Mrs. Clinton had 218 votes, topping the 270 votes needed for the said majority.

In his opinion, the IMANI boss said, Trump’s victory was historic and record-breaking to the performance of one of the most despised presidential candidate throughout history.

Read What IMANI Ghana Said About Donald Trump's Victory In USA
Executive Director of IMANI Ghana, Franklin Cudjoe

“The deliberate attempt to muzzle the election for the former First Lady has been exposed by the results and the doom hasn’t stopped,” Franklin Cudjoe said.

“Mr. Trump’s victory was necessitated by the state of the economy which many Americans feared might worsen under Clinton leadership,” said Tunde Akim, a Yale University student.

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Others who shared their opinion on the US election including the Assisting Editor of Joy Business, George Wiafe, a Ghanaian Clintonite, who read a report from Bloomberg which says the world financial market has lost $1trillion from the value bonds since the polls elected the Republican candidate as president of US this week.