Racism in Sports! Referee Stops La Liga Game after Ghanaian Player Inaki Williams was Racially Abused

Referee stops la liga match 30 minutes into first half following a racial discrimination of Ghana’s Inaki Williams by opponents’ supporters

Racial discrimination in Spanish football league still remains an issue despite several attempts by authorities to curb the act. A referee stops la liga match 30 minutes into first half, after Spanish-Ghanaian Inaki Williams was racially discriminated against by opponents’ supporters. The match between home players Sporting Gijon and Athletic Blilbao at El Molinon came to a premature stop when Sporting Gijon fans started to hurl racial slurs at Williams.

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After Williams was penalised for a push on Isma Lopez, Sporting Gijon supporters began to boo him. Seeing as the 22-year-old was hugely affected by the ugly monkey chants directed at him, the referee stopped the game. Also, match officials were unwilling to continue in such situation. Gijon fans as has been gathered, are notorious for their uncharitable racial chants, despite warnings by club heads. In 2008, the club was fined a laughable €3000 for rude chants directed at Getafe winger Joffre Guerrón.

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More so, racial discrimination has been termed inherent in Spanish league, considering recurring racist incidents. Spanish football authorities have been blamed on several occasions for not being decisive enough, leading to the recurring issue which has lingered in the system. It could be recalled that in January, the league investigated racial chants directed at Barcelona striker by Spain supporters.

Inaki Williams was born and raised in Bilbao by parents from Ghana and Liberia. His father is from Ghana but born in Spain. The young player is the first black player to score for Bilbao (in 2014). He is the youngest player in Europe to have scored 10 goals in 21 games last season, playing mainly as a winger.