If Hip Life Is Dead, Then We Missed The Funeral – Reggie Rockstone To Blakk Rasta

Veteran Hip Life artiste Reginald Osei popularly known as Reggie Rockstone continues to uphold the prestige of Hiplife music in Ghana. Also Known as the Godfather of Hip life music in Ghana, Reggie Rockstone did not hesitate to trash the claims made by Blakk Rasta that Hiplife music in Ghana is dead.

Reggae musician Blakk Rasta had on  Kessben FM’s in Kumasi said that, Ghanaian Dancehall will die soon because Ghanaian Dancehall artistes record their songs in ‘Patois’ (Jamaican English). According to the Reggae artiste,  Ghanaian Dancehall will soon die like Hip Life which is the music genre of Reggie Rockstone.

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Black Rasta had said that ”Dancehall won’t go anywhere; it will collapse just like hiplife. Hiplife was full of slang when it started”. He said he had advised that Rockstone and other Hip Life stop making use of Patois slang in their music but was not listened to.

However in response to Rasta’s assertions, Rockstone said that the former wishes Hip Life is dead and that ‘If Hip Life is dead, then Ghanaians have missed the funeral’, meaning that the Hiplife genre is still up and alive in the minds of Ghanaians. According to him Hiplife, ‘is a daughter of two strong parents! Highlife her father and Hiphop her mother!’.

Rockstone made this comments on Ghanagist.com where he praised Hiplife music and encouraged others to do the same.

About Reggie Rockstone

Born in the 60’s in the UK, Rockstone started out as a Hiphop dancer in the 8o’s. In the 90’s he began combining Hiphop beats with African dialect Twi. With this, he made remarkable classics such as “Sweetie, Sweetie”, “Tsoo Boi”, “Nightlife in Accra” and “Agoo” from his début album in 1997 entitled “Makaa! Maka!”.  Rockstone is known in Ghana for originating a brand of hip hop called HipLife, a combination of American hip hop beats with Ghanaian hi-life rhythms, percussion, vernacular (like Akan Twi) and English languages.