NPP Only Change their Names But Never their Character; Beware of them! – Prez Mahama

Mahama stressed the need to completely reject NPP because, although they have succeeded in changing their names, their character has ever remained the same. Read on to see what he actually meant…

President John Dramani Mahama has urged Ghanains to vote for him instead of the NPP in the coming elections. This statement he made during his ongoing campaign tour in the Western Region.

President Mahama kicked off his campaign tour on Tuesday, following the NDC’s campaign launch on Sunday at the Cape Coast Stadium.

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Speaking during the commissioning of a new clinic at Kokompeh in Takoradi in the W/R, Mahama discouraged people from voting the opposition party in power. One of his major reasons was that the NPP was the mastermind of the overthrow of former president Kwame Nkrumah, who was a key member of the NDC.

According Mahama, the United Party (UP), from which the NPP sprang up, overthrew the then President Nkrumah over accusations of looting state funds as well as embarking on extravagant projects.

Mahama went further to explain to the people that Kwame Nkrumah was a man of foresight who always had the future of Ghana in mind. He pointed out to them that the so-called useless projects carried out under Nkrumah’s administration are still serving Ghanaians up till today, citing the Akosombo dam as a typical example.

Reminding the people of former president Rawlings’ warning during the party’s campaign launch on Sunday to be careful with the NPP because they have been in power for long, Mahama made it clear that it is the same members of the United Party who toppled Kwame Nkrumah’s government that has metamorphosed into the New Patriotic Party today.

Stressing the need to reject NPP, Mahama told the people that although the opposition party has severally changed their names, their character has remained unchanged. According to him, the same opinion they had against Nkrumah’s government which prompted his overthrow, is still the same opinion they are having against the current administration.

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Buttressing this point, the President reiterated how the NPP has constantly accused him of incurring huge debts for the country through senseless spending on projects. They have also complained that infrastructural development which he [Mahama] has massively embarked on such as roads and hospitals are not food neither are they money which the people can put in their pockets.

The President then assured the people that, although the clinic which is being commissioned is not edible, it will save many lives in the area. He therefore urged them to reject NPP and vote him come December so that he can carry on with the good works started by the ruling party.