Release Our Assets Or…? – CPP To Demonstrate Over Confiscated Assets

In a bid to recover their confiscated assets, the Convention People’s Party (CPP) youth are set to demonstrate on March 7 to move the government into releasing their assets. The CPP is seeking to take back the assets confiscated, after its founder, Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown.

The CPP maintain that their assets were unlawfully seized by the military junta that overthrew the party founder and  Ghana’s first President, Kwame Nkrumah in 1966. According to them the assets includes buildings which they say the government has been using.

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The National Youth Organiser of the CPP, Ernesto Yeboah, said that although they do not intend violence, there is no stopping them until their assets are recovered.

We are supposed to assemble in front of our offices across the country. In Accra, we are supposed to assemble in front of our national headquarters which is now hosting the Information Services Department; the building that was recently hosting the Ministry of Information. We are not vagabonds, we are not violent inspired people, we are only going to assemble in front of our offices to point out the injustice that is being done against us,” he said.

Ivor Kobina Greentstreet who is the flagbearer of the CPP has also called on the government to release the assets or else pay compensations for using them. Greenstreet who bemoaned the confiscation said that those assets are the party’s rights, but the government has been treating them as state property

We believe these properties should be returned to us or compensation paid thereof or whatever it is that will put us in the same position if we had maintained the properties for so many years,” he said speaking to the media in Eastern Region.

Greenstreet expressed the party’s dissatisfaction with President Mahama’s failure to address the issue of the confiscated assets during his State Of The Nation Address on February 25.

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CPP had in August 2015 taken the case to court. They had taken the government to the Human Rights Division of the High Court to order the return of the party’s assets which had been occupied without rent for the past 50 years. President Mahama had also assured that the assets would be released.

However CPP has decided to stage this demonstration to compel the government to release those confiscated assets as soon as possible.