Revealed! Why John Dumelo and Yvonne Nelson Will Disappoint Ghanaians

At last, Ghanaians would rest their case over their burning desire to see Yvonne Nelson wedded to John Dumelo. For some years now, John and Yvonne have been going out in a manner that would be termed “intimate”. Since then, both the lovers and haters of these two popular Ghana celebs has been popping out eyes and prying into every move they make. The curiosity continues to rise by the day to the extent that it has become one of the popular topics of discussion on the social networks. The interesting part of it is that the two do not give a damn. They continue to give their fans high hopes through their lovely, mouth-watering, admirable photos that convey messages of love and affection.


Here are some of the opinion of Ghanaians about their relationship, curled from

Yvonne Nelson and John Dumelo should stop deceiving themselves and get married. We all know they are dating but they keep denying the fact but what they do behind the scene is quite obvious. So what are they hiding?” – Kwame Derick

Those who know the two closely can attest to the fact that they are dating and sleeping together, so what is the point of them hiding it from the public? They are both adults and they should do the right thing instead of deceiving themselves”.  – Esther Bossman

I am a movie person and I have been on set where I have seen Yvonne and John do things only lovers do, so I get surprised when they keep telling people they are mere friends. They are more than that ans should do the right thing and get married because they are of age and no one can tell them what to do”.  – Kaaki O.

In case you are one of those having this “Great Expectations”, its high-time you buried the hopes because nothing of that nature will happen. John Dumelo reveals why while speaking on his relationship with Nelson. He said,

“The truth is that Yvonne and I have been good friends for a long time. Apart from the fact that we are colleagues who take our job seriously, we also look out for ourselves like good friends do. I think by now, you should know that we are good friends. She has come out to deny the rumour several times.”


He said he cannot date nor marry Yvonne because it is certain the marriage would not last, so there’s no need doing that. Dumelo also revealed that he is already in a meaningful relationship, though he refused to disclose the name of the lady. He added that he’ll get married when he is convinced to. He expressed serious fears over the rate of divorce between married couples which makes him to get scared whenever the thought of marriage comes to his mind.

“The thought of getting married scares me. The divorce rate these days are just crazy. What’s wrong? People get marry for the wrong reasons?” he said.

On the other hand, Yvonne Nelson speaks up on the same issue. Her own opinion:

“I have been declaring this on social media every time that John is not my boyfriend. John has a lot of girlfriends. This year, I’m a secondary virgin. I’m just trying to concentrate on my career. John can’t change. He is a ladies’ man and he will forever be John. I’m thinking there are so many girls around John telling him to do stuff because they are thinking we have a thing going on but come on, John is my friend. Plus I don’t want any man in the industry”.

She says, she is yet to find the Mr. Right, tagging most men who have come for her as immature. She also said some of the good ones are scared of coming after her seeing she is an independent lady.