Richard Nyamah Petitions Mahama to Remove EC Chairperson From Office

Anti corruption campaigner and spokesperson of the Progressive Nationalist Forum (PNF), Richard Nyamah is requesting that the Head of Electoral Commission, Charlotte Osei be removed from office by the president.

It could be recalled that this same Richard Nyamah was the same person who influenced former Head of the Commission for Human Rights and Administrative Justice, (CHRAJ) for misconduct, Lauretta Lamptey’s dismissal from office.

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According to Richard Nyamah, the EC chairperson has breached the constitution by holding another public office while she served in her capacity as head of EC, and therefore does not deserve to remain in office.

Eyebrows have been raised in recent past over the issue of Mrs Osie holding another public office aside her post at the EC chairperson. She was accused of maintaining her position as one of the board members of Ghana Reinsurance Company, thus, enjoying dual salaries from the government which is against the law.

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Before now, precisely on February 8, 2016, Mr Richard had submitted a petition in which he quoted Article 146 for due processes towards possible removal from office of Chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Mrs. Charlotte Osei. Mr. Nyamah, who initiated this move early January, has now gathered the necessary evidence to make the case. The suits reads:

…her conduct of serving in and being paid by two State entities flies in the face of the letter and spirit of the constitutional prohibition of such conduct by specified special officers particularly of Independent Constitutional Bodies.“

In a report by, Mr Richard Nyamah has forwarded a three-page fifteen-paragraph petition to His Excellency, President John Mahama for onward transmission to Her Ladyship, the Chief Justice to commence the processes upon a ‘prima facie’ determination being made.

Although the EC boss and the Ghana Reinsurance Company had explained that she no longer served on their board and that she resigned before her appointment, Mr. Nyamah insists that her “belated resignation from Ghana Reinsurance Company Limited (a Limited Liability Company with 100% Ghana government shareholding) smacks of an admission of the breach of the prohibition in Article 44(4) of the Constitution.”

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According to citifmonline, Mr. Nyamah says he seeks to exercise his right as a citizen to uphold the Constitution against such acts of serious misconduct, and looks forward to demonstrate that she exercised grave misjudgement and violated the Constitutional requirements of her office with “terms and conditions of service as a Justice of the Court of Appeal” and is therefore no longer fit to remain in that august office.

In a statement announcing his petition to the President, Mr. Nyamah said,

The best interest of Ghana must always be served by all citizens.”

Meanwhile, all ears are on the ground so as to hear what will be the president’s response to the petition in question.