Ridge Hospital CEO: Anaba Refuses to Resign; All the Details

Trouble looms at the Health Ministry as Ridge Hospital CEO, Dr. Thomas Anaba has refused to vacate his post after being dismissed by the health minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu.

Dr. Anaba who was appointed by the erstwhile Mahama-led administration in February of 2016, was recently deposed of his duties by the Minister of Health. The ‘former’ ridge hospital boss based on calculations, was supposed to retain his position for four years.

But after a year and a few months, the director received a notification from the ministry to leave his position as the boss. A letter addressed to Dr. Anaba directed him to hand over to the Public Services Commission three years short of the expiration of his tenure.

Dr. Thomas Anaba

The letter noted that the director was being transferred back to the University of Development Studies hospital, where he formerly worked. Moreover, the Health Minister who directed the letter to Dr. Anaba, has already appointed a predecessor in the person of Emmanuel Kwabla Srofenyoh, to take charge of the hospital as its acting Medical Director.

However, due to the absence of a tangible reason for his dismissal, Anaba has rejected the order. The director who has interacted with the media, says he will not leave his post until he is given concrete explanations for his dismissal.

Ridge Hospital CEO to sue Health Minister over Transfer

Dr. Thomas Anaba has revealed his plans to sue health Minister Kwaku Agyemang Manu for unduly dismissing him -an act which he has described as an “abuse of power”. The embattled CEO says his transfer was in bad faith, considering the breach of contract on the part of the Minister.

Information is rife that Mr. Anaba is being transferred because he allegedly campaigned for a candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC). The embattled director has debunked such claims, saying it must be a case of mistaken identity as he never campaigned for the NDC.

Anaba has also maintained that said the Minister, Kwaku Agyemang Manu cannot transfer him, as it is the Ghana Health Service that appointed him. He also alleges that the Health Minister’s sudden decision to transfer him is as a result of influence by contractors working at the hospital. This he said is the reason why the Minister has failed to provide a tangible reason for his dismissal.

Anaba will go – Health Ministry PRO

Public Relations Officer of the health Ministry, Robert Cudjoe has backed calls for the resignation of the embattled Ridge Hospital CEO. Despite the resistance by Dr. Anaba, Mr. Cudjoe has urged him to comply with the directives of the Health Ministry.

The PRO understands the resistance and adamancy on the part of the director as one of the attributes which come with unexpected changes in power. Mr. Cudjoe says that director Anaba will give in eventually, comparing the situation to that of ex-Gambian President, Yahaya Jammeh who initially refused to step down.

Speaking on Citi Eyewitness News, the Health Ministry PRO said that Dr. Anaba cannot continue to hold out himself as the head of the hospital since he would not be accorded with that respect; considering a letter has already declared him transferred. He went further to advise him to let bygones be bygones and move on with his life.