Ridiculous: Watch MPs Chant ‘Na So So Wonders Vs Stealing Mahama Dey Do’

President John Mahama in his State of the Address in Parliament indicated that country is going through some change. The majority agrees to this but the minority disagrees.

The president in his address, lauded numerous achievements the country has made so far under his leadership and promises that more is still coming.

Meanwhile, the minority MPs expressed their dissatisfaction in a heckling song coined from the gospel song, ‘na so so wonders Jesus dey do’, lyrics of their own adaptation reading, “Na so so stealing Mahama dey do”.

We would recall that the minority MPs have before now been at loggerheads with the president. They have always been seen and heard lashing out unending criticisms against him.

On the other hand, the Majority never kept mute. They also chanted their own, ‘na so so wonders Mahama dey do’.

A ridiculous scene was created by the thunderous singing of both pro-Mahama and anti-Mahama chants in parliament.

Watch video below: