Ridiculous: You Won’t Believe these African Weddings Really Took Place, But They Did!

The world has gone upside down. Late Chinua Achebe, the veteran African novelist who wrote the novel, Things Fall Apart only saw the tip of the iceberg. It’s now that things have really fallen apart! Even in Africa where virtues and morals were once upheld, common sense has gone down the drains, making people to behave in seemingly abnormal ways. People love to go to the extreme nowadays in whatever they do. They prefer the craziest to the moderate and descent. Everything is virtually obtainable in the world we are living in right now, and the aspect of marriage is not left out. Here are the Most incredible weddings you’ll scarcely believe took place in our Africa – No.1 is the most bizarre!

5. Manchester United Jersey for Wedding Suit – Kenya


A Kenyan man decided to have a Man U themed Wedding, with everything from their clothes to the wedding cake featuring “Red Devils” branding. This is very ridiculous because even the players in this team have never had weddings themed ”Manchester United.” The couple’s wedding cake was also United-themed consisting of red icing with huge ads for car sponsor Chevrolet. Moreover, their honeymoon car was covered in a United flag.

4. Polygamy Right in The Church – Zaire


Christianity as many people know it permits a man to marry only one wife, the strict doctrine of monogamy is preached among all Christians, but this isn’t the case with a Zairean church where a pastor boldly weds a man and three ladies in church at the same time. The crazy aspect is that he blessed the marriage the Christian way, quoting from the Holy Bible.

3. 9 year-old boy Marries 62 Year-Old Woman – S/A


A 9-year-old school boy has tied the knot with his 62-year-old bride who has already had five children in Ximhungwe, Mpumalanga, South Africa, to the amazement of all. Last year the boy, from nearby Tshwane, tied the knot with bride Helen after claiming he had been told by his dead ancestors to wed. Shockingly his family took the message from the heavens seriously and hurriedly forked out £500 for the bride and a further £1,000 for the big day. But little Sanele – the youngest of five children – wouldn’t rest until the couple followed through with South African traditions insisting they have the second ceremony to make their marriage official. This second marriage ceremony was this time held at the home of the bride in Ximhungwe in Mpumalanga, South Africa, in front of around 100 guests.

However, the two will not live together and Sanele said he still plans to marry a woman his own age when he is older. The bride, who expressed her happiness over the fact that the boy picked her, told the newsmen that the boy will continue to live a normal life, as other boys of his age, and will later get married to a younger bride, within his age limits. Helen added that they were both just fulfilling family traditions. Helen’s husband of 30 years, Alfred Shabangu, 66, (right) and their five children, aged between 38 and 28, all attended the ceremony.

2. Traditional Gay Marriage – S/A


Two young men tied the knot in a rare South African gay traditional wedding in KwaDukuza. There has been a lot of criticism against Sithole and Modisane tying the knot, but the grooms say they’re proud to be making history.The strangest aspect of it is that they received unexpected acceptance and support as against being totally deserted to stand alone in their bizarre practice. A jovial Modisane said,

I’m so happy to be married to Thoba. I love him so much, we are both Mr TC Sithole Modisane now. It’s very exciting (that) we are making history. I think like I’ve said before it (the marriage) is against this idea that being gay is unAfrican. Being gay is as African as being black so we are proud of our culture. Thoba is Zulu and I’m Tswana and we are rooted in our culture.”

Keeping with tradition, the grooms’ families exchanged gifts and slaughtered a cow to introduce themselves to their respective ancestors and seek blessings. This also formalised their three-year relationship. Thoba’s mother Lindiwe Dladla said,

I’m so happy, I have no worries and I’m so grateful for the gifts from the Modisanes. I wish them well for the future and where they will be living together.”

1. Woman Marries Her Dog – Ghana


A Ghanaian woman has married her dog because it has qualities she had seen only in her late father. Emily Mabou, 29, of Aburi, married the 18-month-old dog in a ceremony attended by a traditional priest and local, curious villagers, reports the Daily Dose. Her younger brother David Mabou said her family boycotted the wedding which they felt was “a stupid step to combat her loneliness”. But Ms Mabou said:

For so long, I’ve been praying for a life partner who will have all the qualities of my dad. My dad was kind, faithful, and loyal to my mum, and he never let her down. “I’ve been in relationships with so many men…, and they are all the same… skirt-chasers and cheaters. My dog is kind, and loyal to me and he treats me with so much respect.”

In the ceremony, the priest warned villagers not to mock the wedding, but to “rejoice with her as she has found happiness at last”.