‘Its Nonsense to Accuse EC Boss of Planning to Rig Elections In My Favour’ -Mahama

Mahama has described the rigging allegations against the Electoral Commission as manipulations aimed at poisoning the minds of Ghanaians against the EC.

President Mahama has described as absurd, recent allegations by his political opponents that the Electoral Commission (EC) is scheming to rig the upcoming presidential elections in his favour. The opposition NPP as well as other oppositions, have in recent times accused the EC of making plans to ensure President Mahama’s re-election.

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But speaking at a rally at Funsi in the Wa East Constituency of the Upper West Region, the President debunked the rigging allegations against EC boss Charlotte Osei, describing them as “absurd nonsense”. Mahama pointed out that attacks in that manner always intensifies during electoneering period in the country.

The Presdient pointed out that the NPP have said the most unspeakable things about the EC Boss. According to him, such criticisms create a bad image of Ghana’s democracy which is considered one of the best in the world. He therefore warned the people to be wary of such tactful tricks by the opposition.

A survey conducted by the National Commission of Civic Education (NCCE), gave the EC a 66.5% confidence rating indicative of the trust Ghanaians have in the EC.

President Mahama has in recent times been defending the EC boss, following series of attacks from oppositions against her, regarding the credibility of the electoral process. The most recent of them, is that of former Attorney General Martin Amidu, who has released several statements alleging a possible foul play in the EC’s disqualification of 13 presidential aspirants.

Mr. Amidu in his statement, alleged that Charlotte Osei deliberately disqualified the aspirants, to comfortably rig the elections in favour of the President.

But Mahama has strongly defended the Electoral Commission and its Chairperson. The President also did same in April this year, when he called on political parties to stop harassing the EC Chairperson and rather cooperate with the Commission to purge the voters register.