Gifty Anti Knows Very Little When It Comes To Royalty; Hear What She Says

Ghana’s Gifty Anti seems to still be in the learning process when it comes to  royalty. The ace broadcaster who got married to her heartthrob the Chief of Adumasa, said that royalty is a bit confusing. Gifty on Joy FM’s Christian talk show, ‘A Walk with Jesus’ said she misses what she used to be before royalty.

She explained that being royal means that there are a lot of things that one cannot do which she really wishes she could still do. The wife of the Chief of Adumasa on the show gave a sneak peek into her life as a royal person explaining that a lot has changed since she became the Oheneyere.

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Gifty and husband, Chief of Edumasa

She said that being the wife of the Chief, people now address and treat her differently, specifying that her Uncle no longer addresses her as Gifty but ‘Awo’. Although this in no way changes the way she feels about her husband, the Ohenyere is still overwhelmed by her change of status.

The renowned gender advocate also responded to questions on women abuse and maltreatment. On that she expressed profound empathy for women in such shoes and preached against the awful act.

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In October 2015, Gifty got married to her sweetheart, Oyiakehyire Nana Ansah Kwao IV, the Chief of Adumasa. The royal newbie is still learning the tricks of the trade and though she is open to learn what is needed to fit in the cap, she still misses the ‘old Gifty-Anti’.

Notwithstanding the challenges, she remains ever efficient in her business by bringing to the public a whole new and exciting episode each time on her ‘Standpoint’ show airing on Ghana Television (GTV). Her show which discusses issues affecting women in general, leaves the public with a significant lesson at every single episode.