This is What Happened to A ‘Sakawa’ Boy for Refusing to Sleep with Mad Woman

A 22-year-old sakawa boy, Yaw Asamoa has gone mad after he refused to sleep with a mentally challenged woman as part of rituals to make him wealthy, reports.

According to sources, the victim and two other friends visited a spiritualist at Esereso in the Western region for money-making rituals.

One of the three young men who went on the mission in an exclusive interview with Nyankonton Mu Nsem said, he was formerly a mason but things became difficult for him and his friends so they planned to visit thee spiritualist who had helped some of their friends to hit a jackpot. He said that initially, they wre reluctant to go but seeing the fortune their sakawa boy friend hit, they were convinced to go and see the spiritualist.

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He said, the spiritualist demanded from them an amount of GHC 2, 000 to enable him perform the rituals for them, however, after a month, he demanded the three friends to embark on their audacious mission to make it easier for the money to come quicker.

The narrator was particularly asked to bring blood of accident victims, while the other two, (the victim and one other) were asked to sleep with a mad woman and a dog respectively. Now, he can no longer sleep as he is being haunted by some spirits because he could not meet the deadline.

Meanwhile, the victim’s senior brother is threatening to behead the spiritualist for what has befallen his brother.

Speaking to Nyankonton Mu Nsem, he said the spiritualist deceived his brother who stole the amount to embark on his mission of making quick money.

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It has also been discovered that, one of the young boys who was asked to sleep with a dog is the same boy who attempted suicide few days ago after he was caught in the act. It could be recalled that Nyankonton Mu Nsem reported some few weeks ago that one Yorko attempted killing himself because of the embarrassment and public ridicule he encountered after being allegedly caught sleeping with a dog.