Sarkodie’s Lyrics Set to Turn Around Against Him

The popular Ghanaian fast rapper, Sarkodie released his latest single, titled “Hand To Mouth” not long ago.

In the song, he advised young Ghanaians to learn to save. He pointed out that they should stop frequenting parties, spending on drinks and going after numerous girls outside their circle.

He goes on to say they should rather secure their lives and stop spending on big cars and women and advises it will be better to use the little that one has to begin a building project by at least starting a foundation and little by little he would surely get to the lintel.

He also seized the opportunity to make a good advert for UT bank by saying their work is excellent and so young Ghanaian men should save in a good bank such as UT Bank.

In the chorus of the song, Sarkodie talks about his achievement and states that he’s already made 80% of his life achievements and the remaining 20% is just “Hand To Mouth”.

These lyrics are good and very good advise for young Ghanaian men but it seems to have also turned around against the Ghanaian rapper one way or the other.

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His Rapperholic Concert comes off today, the 25th of December 2015 and adverts have been running on TV and Radio to inform the public about it. It is being perceived that these lines in his song would affect patronage to the concert as many Ghanaians are saying it will be wise to follow his advice and save their money than to come to his concert – pointing out specifically that they would rather save their money to also achieve 80% in their life than to spend ¢80 to ¢100 on his tickets for the concert. By the end of the day, we’ll see how his words paid off.

Watch video below:

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