A visa is an important document that permits a non-resident in a particular country to access its boundaries. The document is issued by an agent of a country after fulfilling certain requirements as outlined by the issuing organization. Schengen visa is a document that makes traveling between member countries of the Schengen area possible, easier and less technical. Schengen visa allows the holder to access member countries using a single visa hence avoiding the hassle involved with obtaining visas for individual countries. The document is specifically advantageous for individuals planning to visit a number of European countries in one trip. The Schengen visa is a visa issued to nationalities of countries that need the document before entering Europe.

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The Schengen visa is issued for leisure trips, business trips or tourism. No matter the purpose of travel to these European countries, the document gives the holder a short-term stay of a maximum of three months. As a holder of a Schengen visa, you can enter and travel to all the European countries within the Schengen area. The Schengen is made up of 26 European countries that have eliminated passport and immigration checks at their common borders. Some of the countries in the Schengen area include Germany, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Poland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, and Sweden among others. A point to note is that the Schengen visa holders are not allowed to live permanently or work in Europe.

Where to Apply for a Schengen Visa?

If you are intending to visit one of the countries in the Schengen area, you will need to apply for the visa at the embassy of the country you’re traveling to. If your intention is to visit a number of these countries, your application should be made at the embassy of the country you’ll spend your time the most. If you’re visiting a number of countries within the Schengen area and have no country to spend the longest time in, then the application should be made at the embassy of the country you enter first. If you are not applying for a Schengen visa for a particular country, has no destination or first point of entry; the application should be made at the embassy of the country you need a visa for.

How To Apply For Schengen Visa From Ghana

For Ghanaians, they can apply for a Schengen visa for specific countries at their embassies with a little exception. For Ghanaians wishing to travel to Portugal, Spain, and Greece, they can do their application at the Spanish embassy. Those traveling to Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland, applications are done at the Royal Danish Embassy. Visits to Belgium and Netherlands are done at the Royal Netherlands Embassy while Germany and Italy are done at their respective embassies in Accra.

Important Visa Requirements

Applying for Schengen visa in Ghana

Applicants need to submit certain details in order to qualify for the application process. Applicants (both children and adults) need to do the application at the stated embassies in person. They will need to fill the visa application form in capital letters, signed and dated. An application fee is handed together with the application and the amount is non-refundable. The fees are fixed in EURO and can be paid using Ghanaian Cedis. Applicants are advised to submit applications at least four weeks prior to the date of departure. However, further advice is provided for countries that have different submission conditions. Visas are not issued on the same day of application. Applications that come with fake documents are not returned but submitted to relevant authorities.


General Visa Requirements

The Ghanaians need a valid national ID, two recent passport size photographs, print out of flight details if booked and stamped by the airline, original invitation letters, proof of adequate financial means to cover for travel expenses and stay in the designated country and original valid bank statements, address, and telephone numbers.

The Schengen visa is issued three months prior the date to be used. It’s therefore important to do the application in advance to avoid inconveniences with your travel arrangements. If you’re applying for the Schengen visa in Ghana for the first time, it’s recommended that you do the application in good time. The visa may take anything from fifteen days to a whole month if need be.