School of Hygiene Graduates Picket At Employment Ministry To Demand Postings

There are about 1,347 of graduates from School of Hygiene who are awaiting postings, according to their spokesperson.

Over 200 graduates of the School of Hygiene whom seem to have had enough of the unemployment situation on Monday picketed at the premises of the Employment Ministry to demand postings. The aggrieved graduates say they have stayed jobless for about five years, and several attempts to get their plight looked into have proved futile in the past.

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The spokesperson of the graduates Prince Dzramado, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the answers they have been getting concerning their state. According to him, government must find them jobs with immediate effect. This recent picketing of the graduates is not the first time for these unemployed graduates. This is said to be the third time they are picketing to protest and demand for a positive change of their current state.

There are about 1,347 of graduates from School of Hygiene whom are awaiting postings, according to their spokesperson.

The unemployed graduates had picketed last year for the same issue. Prince Dzramado explained that the Employment Minister, Haruna Iddrisu had promised that the issue would be resolved by January 1, but up till now nothing has been done. The graduates are lamenting that they have fulfilled their part by completing their years in school, but the government have failed to fulfill their own part.

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In October 2015, gradates fro various campuses of the School of Hygiene also picketed at the premises of the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development to demand postings to various health facilities across the country. They had agitated that they have not been posted since 2011. They had also asked for a fixed date for answers from government, as nothing tangible had been told them.

The graduates are appealing to government to post them to respective establishments where they can work and earn their own income.