Sergeant Lee Controversy: Why Shatta Wale Usually Limps While Performing ‘Taking Over’ [Video]

Amid the yet to be cleared controversy on who the ‘Sergeant Lee’ in his Taking Over hit song is, Shatta Wale creates more controversy with his actions while performing at the last Ghana Meets Naija concert held at the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) on Saturday, 27th May, 2017.

While performing one of his latest hit songs, ‘Taking Over’, Shatta Wale appeared to mimic Stonebwoy’s limping steps as he sang the Sergeant Lee lines. This action has sparked up arguments, with many condemning the act, while insisting that the dance hall musician was certainly making mockery of his dance hall rival, Stonebwoy.

This is not the first time

This is actually not the first time Stonebwoy’s haters have taken a swipe on his disability. Recall that in January 2016, at the launch of Accra-based Live FM, the first and still only Ghanaian BET award winner had to walk off the stage while performing his hit single, ‘Go Higher’. This was after a guy from the crowd jumped onto the stage and started mimicking the way he walked.

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Also, while performing at the Vodafone VIM launch early in May, 2017, at Trade Fair Centre, Shatta Wale limped as he delivered the “Sergeant Lee Otashi otwa tea…” lines in the ‘Taking Over’ song. Shatta Wale did exactly the same thing at the 2017 Kumasi Concert also held in May.

These unsavoury attitudes, coupled with endless diss songs, beefs and hate between the two, have left many wondering where the Ghana’s music industry is actually heading to.

Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy Beef

The malice between dance hall artistes Shatta Wale and Stonebwoy is one of the longest and most popular beefs in the Ghanaian entertainment industry. It all started after Shatta Wale declared himself Ghana’s Dance Hall King, igniting an endless comparison on who the best dance hall artiste in Ghana is.

Since then, the duo and their fans have been fueling the malice from time to time through any possible means, from diss songs to social media trolls.

The latest on the Shatta Wale-Stonebwoy beef is the one triggered by the 2017 BET nomination in which Stonebwoy was the only Ghanaian artiste that made the list. It happened that shortly after the nominees were announced, several persons took to social media platforms to trash Shatta Wale for missing out on the awards once again, owing to his failure to make amends with Charterhouse. The kakai hit-maker was also critisized for failing to congratulate Stonebwoy on his nomination.

But reacting to the controversy while speaking in an interview with Doreen Andoh on Joy Fm’s Cosmopolitan Mix, Stonebwoy said he does not need Shatta Wale’s congratulatory message.

But Who Is This Sergeant Lee?

The issue of Sergeant Lee came up after Shatta Wale released his wave-making song ‘Taking Over’, which contained among other lyrics “Mtchew!!! Ei Sergeant Lee! Otashi otwa tea; Nɔɔ eba akɛɛ comfortable lead…” The line which starts with a pronounced hiss literally means “Sergeant Lee, you are seated enjoying tea, claiming to be in a comfortable lead…”

Owing to the long raging beef between him and his counterpart, Stonebwoy, many believed he was the one Shatta Wale is referring to as Sergeant Lee. However, in an interview with GHOne, Shatta Wale debunked the claims, saying that the lyrics are just products of creativity and are not directed at anyone in particular.

He further explained that he came about the Sergeant Lee stuff after MTV Base organized an online poll on who is the Dancehall don in Africa. According to ‘Ayoo’ singer, he was not aware of the polls while Stonebwoy had already campaigned for three days; but he [Shatta Wale] ended up the winner with just one tweet.

I wasn’t referring to Stonebwoy. Its creativity. We had this polls thing from MTV Base online and fans were to vote on who was the Dancehall don in Africa. Stonebwoy was promoting it for like three days while I wasn’t aware and when the fans prompted me about it, he was in a lead but the polls were still open. So I tweeted it once and ended up winning. So, I just thought I should just feature that in the song…”

However, Shatta Wale’s actions at the Vodafone VIM Launch, the Kumasi Concert and the Ghana Meets Naija concert, including his above explanations, strongly refute his claims of innocence.

Watch video below:

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