What’s Next For Gyan? Chinese Side Shanghai SIPG To Bid Asamoah Gyan Farewell

Chinese club Shanghai SIPG is seeking to offload Asamoah Gyan as a result of his injury… 

Asamoah Gyan’s injuries might just come in the way of his agreement with Chinese club Shanghai SIPG FC. Recent reports have revealed that the Chinese club is seeking to drop Ghanaian striker Gyan as a result of his injury. For this reason, the club reportedly plans on offloading his wages.

Although Gyan’s wages amounts to millions of dollars, it seems the club is ready to take on the tough task. As a matter of fact, Gyan is one of the highest paid footballer in the world, as he is reported to be on a $350,000 a week deal. But it seems his series of injuries has been getting the best of him lately which has led to the club wanting to let him go by all means possible.

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According to reports in China, the striker will be sold at the next available opportunity as the club looks to offload Asamoah Gyan’s multi-million dollar wages and free up one of the four non-AFC federation spots in their squad.

The former Sunderland player joined the Shanghai SIPG in July 2015. Since he joined the club, he has suffered series of injuries which has made the club management grow more worrisome by the day. He has sustained major injuries in some league games since he joined the club increasing the skepticism of the club towards his delivery.

Knowing he is among the best players there are on the planet, the club invested so much on the Ghanaian striker, but recurrent injuries have robbed the Ghana star the chance to justify the huge investment, prompting officials to put in consideration, letting him go for good.

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The Black Star’s injuries is no more news to the club including the coach. There have also been speculations of the club already looking out for a replacement, with the most common name being Zenit St Petersburg’s Brazilian striker, Hulk.