I’ll Declare Winner of Sark vs M.anifest Rap ‘Diss’ By the End Of July – Shatta Wale

For everyone’s information, Shatta judges Sarkodie and M.anifest rap battle on the 30th of July!

If you have been waiting to hear Shatta Wale’s judgement on the Sark versus M.anifest beef, you will have to keep waiting till the end of this month of July. For everyone’s information, Shatta judges Sarkodie and M.anifest rap battle on the 30th of July.

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Different notable people including celebrities have waded into the ongoing brouhaha between BET award winning Sarkodie and M.anifest. It all started after Sarkodie released the track, ‘Bossy’ in which he called himself a king. M.anifest subsequently released his song ‘god MC’ which was perceived by most Sark fans to be a ‘diss’ track against their rap gad. A section of the song which got people talking was where he said; “What’s a king to a god MC? Numero uno that be me” .

Okraku-Mantey counsels M.anifest

This sparked up lots of arguments as to whether or not he was referring to Sark. But Sarkodie who was obviously unwilling to get issues clarified, released a bombshell of a diss track, ‘Kanta’, evidently directed at M.anifest. Sark’s Kanta ‘abused’ M.anifest in so many ways, ranging from his style of music to his fashion sense.

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This subsequently led to an uproar on social media, with fan tribes of the two A-listers hailing the supposed punchlines hit by their favourites. But Ghanaians are yet to find out who won the rap diss, which is why Shatta Wale has decided to appoint himself judge over the battle. He said in a tweet:

On July 30, ill give Ghana my final judgement on who won the rap diss. Please im waiting for the other contestants.” 

The Shatta Movement leader tweeted on Monday [July 4] that on July 30, he will give his judgement on the beef. The question now is; if and when he reveals the winner, will Ghanaians fully accept it?.