How Lovely! How Sweet!! See Shatta Michy’s Birthday Message to Shatta Wale

Shatta Michy’s Birthday message to Shatta Wale as he adds a year today is sure to make you envious. It’s so lovely; it’s so sweet!!

Self acclaimed Dance Hall King Shatta Wale is marking his 32nd birthday today, the 17th of October, 2016. The popular Ghanaian musician has taken to the social media to express his expectations from both the President and President hopeful Nana Addo since the two are evidently his big fans.

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Meanwhile, tons of birthday wishes have been trooping in to the artiste from fans all over the world. However, none of these wishes caught our fancy like Shatta Michy’s birthday message to her husband Shatta Wale. Notwithstanding how sour most celebrity marriages are going these days, Diamond Michelle and Shatta Wale have continued to hold their love so delicately like a candle flame in the wind. We still remember how Shatta Wale lavished so much love on Michy during her own birthday in May.

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The same love flowed when their son, Majesty turned one some months ago.

Posting a photo of Shatta and their son, Majesty on Instagram, Shatta Michy put down one of the loveliest messages one can imagine for a partner on his birthday.

Shatta Michy’s Birthday Message to Shatta Wale reads:

I won’t write no essay or some fake poem but I just want you to know, you’re the best father in the world. That alone makes me fall in love with you over & over everyday, you make motherhood easy for me, you make life easier, aside motivating me and everyone else around you. I’ve seen the power & wonder of God through u & ive come to know Him & love Him too. No one would understand us, but I know what You’ve done to me. You’ve touched the soul of a lioness, you’re brave, I admire u.
Come tame me some more @shattawalenima. 
God bless you this day & forever.