Shatta Michy’s Pub: AMA Issues Ultimatum For Removal

Shatta Michy’s pub was among some structures lying within the East Legon Green Belt zone which had been earmarked for demolition…

The Diamond Pub and Grill spot was greeted with some controversy last Thursday in Accra when a task force from the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) tried to demolish the structure.  This was because the pub did not have a permit to operate in the area.

The demolition is in line with a move spearheaded by the Chief Executive of AMA, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, to have all encroachers on the Legon Green Belt Zone removed.

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The facility is owned by Diamond Michelle Gbagnah aka Shatta Michy, wife of Ghanaian dancehall musician, Shatta Wale. Diamond’s Pub was among some structures lying within the East Legon Green Belt zone and which had been earmarked for demolition. AMA spent several hours trying to demolish the facility following pleas from Madam Michy and some residents, not to go ahead with the demolition.

Officials of the AMA, who heeded to her pleas, finally disconnected her facility from the electricity grid and seized her electricity meter. She was, however, given a one-week ultimatum to pull down the structure.

Some months ago it was revealed that the pub was situated in the Green Belt Zone which had been earmarked by the AMA for demolition.

The task force had reportedly taken down a host of structures believed to be lying within the East Legon Green Belt Zone, with Shatta Michy’s pub the next in line.

Shattawale Claps Back at Shatta Michy’s Pub Mockers

Shatta Michy’s pub became the talk of social media after bloggers and other people mocked Shatta Michy’s container pub. Shatta Wale’s wife Diamond opened the new pub known as ‘Diamond Pub & Grill’ in the East Legon environs on 31st March 2017.

However, some critics posted a photo of Shatta Michy’s new pub on his Facebook wall, describing it as ‘container’ pub. People teased Shatta Wale for allowing his baby mama to operate a mere container pub when he’s always talking about having a lot of cash.

To be specific, Ara B, the Dancehall Prince, who is at loggerheads with the Shatta Wale masterminded the viral post which then attracted all Tom Dick and Harry.

But the outspoken Dancehall king did not hesitate to clap back at Michy’s critics, calling them ‘foolish’