Having Seen The ‘Diss’ Video, This Is What Shatta Wale has to Say to Stonebwoy

Having seen the video, Shatta replies Stonebwoy, asking him to stop fooling and rather make money.

Are we right to call this the season of celebrity ‘beefs’? Just when we thought the bie gya controversy between Criss Waddle and Shatta Wale has settled, another beef ensues.  This time it is between BET award-winner Stonebwoy and Shatta himself.

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Earlier on Sunday Stonebwoy posted a video of a wretched “mad” man on his Facebook timeline. In the video, the man is seen answering questions asked by a second voice which asked him to choose between Stonebwoy and Shatta. The wretched man in his response makes mockery of Shatta Wale saying that; while Stonebwoy associates himself with literates and men of class around the globe, Shatta Wale is bossing around as a local champion and rolling in the gutters.

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Among other insults, the wretched looking man also went personal on Shatta saying that he (Shatta) walks in Tudu-Accra with his mouth smelling and more.

A snapshot of the video
A snapshot of the video

Stonebwoy also posted a message along with the video, that read;

Just do the best of you_Cz you never know who’s watching. Walls have ears. Even the blind self-go see

Shatta Wale’s fans as we know did not find the clip funny at all. Many of them described the move by the BET award winner as childish and uncalled for. After receiving several bashing from fans of Shatta Wale, Stonebwoy later deleted the video from his timeline, however, snapshots of it were taken by several media sites and fans.

Shatta replies stonebwoy

Shatta of course is not the type to let matters like this die down without creating a scene. Having seen the video, Shatta replies Stonebwoy asking him to stop fooling and rather make money.

His Tweet read:

Herrrr???? @stonebwoyb you for stop da fooling and make money .. Aboa taaaa..????????????????????????

Shatta's Tweet to Stonebwoy
Shatta’s Tweet to Stonebwoy