You’d Love To See Celebrity Suppoters Of Shatta Wale Who Graced The VGMAs

To think there was no Shatta drama at the VGMAs? Never! Some Shatta supporters showed up and of course tried to be heard at the show. As a matter of fact, at least two celebrities represented the Dancehall King on the red carpet.

Among other Shatta supporters present at the occasion, the ones noted were Nii Funny and Reggie Obuoba Rockstone.

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Reggie Rockstone to show his support for the SM gad, came to the show in the controversial Adidas Hoodie which had  generated a lot of buzz. Many had thought he wore the outfit to mock Shatta Wale. But after the show, at his office, he made known that he was representing Shatta Wale and that he did not talk about it because he was not asked.

Reggie Rockstone at the VGMAs
Reggie Rockstone at the VGMAs

Another thing that has been noticed is that Berla Mundi did not asked anyone what or who one was wearing throughout the red carpet. Though it has not been confirmed to be intentional, Berla did the same thing with Reggie and Nii Funny.

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Nii Funny also came in a suit that had an SM logo crested on it. Berla had also tried to skip  the question of who he was wearing, but Nii who really wanted to be heard, interrupted when she was about wrapping up. Nii, had gone ahead to say that his clothe was designed by a friend and boldly said the logo was of Shatta Movement.

Shatta supporters
Nii Funny’s Outfit, showing support for Shatta

We would recall, that Shatta Wale was earlier this year, disqualified from the VGMAs. However, Shatta indeed still has a lot of meaningful supporters even after the drama with Charterhouse, the orgaisers of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs). The ‘Kakai’ hit-maker had last year in a series of videos accused Charterhouse of being corrupt, insulted the company and further warned them to stop denying musicians from other regions of Ghana the needed recognition.

The board had stated that Shatta Wale would remain disqualified from the awards until he tenders an official apology for defaming the company.