Shatta Wale Just Revealed The True State of His R/ship With Michy And Fans Are Speechless!

As the facts about Shatta Wale and Michy’s relationship has been laid bare on the table, all wagging tongues can now lie low and watch out in silence…

Shatta Wale has finally removed every veil covering the true state of his relationship with his longtime girlfriend and baby mama, Shatta Michy. Probably to get all the wagging tongues tied; we guess.

Speaking on Accra-based OKAY Fm, Shatta Wale unraveled every reason behind what his relationship with Michy is at the moment. According to the self-acclaimed dance hall king, he is not officially married to Shatta Michy although they are together.

The ‘Kakai’ hit-maker said they [he and Michy] understand each other but there’s no need pretending they have tied the knot; adding that sometimes all the noise about wedding means nothing.

“We understand each other and our families are aware we are together…There is no need to impress people that we are married. Sometimes the weddings and the whole ‘dondoo dondooo’ doesn’t really mean anything.”

Continuing, the ‘Taking Over’ hit-maker made it clear that he and Shatta Michy are not yet ready to settle down as husband and wife as two of them, especially Michy still have a lot on their to-do list.

“…Sometimes I think we need time…people who are ready are getting ready to get married but we are not yet there. Shatta Michy has a lot of things to do, she wants to finish her degree course, she wants to do business on her own and others things.  Me too, I want to really get more into my real estate business.”

Shatta Wale further stressed that his “wife” is still very young and is currently occupied with her education and business. He concluded by saying that “when things get to where it has to be, she would also get whatever she wants”.

Shatta Wale and Michy’s Relationship

Shatta Michy whose real name is Diamiond Michelle Gbagona said she met Shatta Wale (Charles Nii Amah Mensah) in 2010 at the age of 17. Read full story of how it all started between Shatta and Michy. Since then, the two has been together and their relationship produced a son, Majesty in 2015.

Shatta Wale and Michy’s relationship appears to be one of the most talked about in Ghana’s celebrity gossips. This is basically because of its nature which has left so many of their fans and foes wondering if they are just dating or married.

The two are also very much involved in each other’s business, with Michy featuring in some of Shatta’s hit songs, as well as performing live with him at most concerts. Moreover, Shatta Wale who always refer to Shatta Michy as his “wife” does not help matters at all as he has left people with the unsolved puzzle of what they are actually into.

Shatta Michy shared the tip of an iceberg of what his relationship with the dance hall king looks like when he turned 32 last year. Click here to read the lovely birthday message. Michy who is now 24 currently runs a pub business – Diamond Pub and Grill Spot located within the East Legon Green Belt Zone, Accra.

From all indications, Shatta Wale and Michy’s relationship has outlasted many of other Ghanaian celebrities who had big weddings.

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Now, as the ‘Go Higher’ singer has let the world know what’s up with him and Michy, everyone can now go to rest, silently watching out what becomes of the duo’s love affair!