Shatta Wale and Samini Beef Genuinely Over; This Is Why You Should Believe It This Time

The long raging Shatta Wale-Samini beef is apparently over with the kind of tweets the two squabbling musicians exchanged yesterday which was Shatta Wale’s birthday.

Shatta Wale and Samini have been accusing and counter accusing each other of one offense or the other. It happens that whenever the Shatta Wale-Samini beef seems to come to a close, any of the two finds a way to renew it.

The fight between the two therefore seems to be a perpetual one which is really yielding palatable benefits for the two musicians. Both of them have always apparently, thrown jabs at each other in some of their songs though they do this without mentioning names.

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We can still recall vividly that in July, Samini stated categorically while speaking to Berla Mundi on Rhythmz, that the beef between him and the dance hall king is far from being over.

However, as the Shatta Movement Boss was celebrating his 32nd birthday yesterday, the 17th of October, the High Grade Family leader sent him birthday wishes on twitter – something very unusual.

In his tweet, Samini admitted to the fact that the two of them are beefing but according to him, it is time for them to make peace.

Shatta on his own part retweeted accordingly, telling the ‘Body Flame’ hit-maker that he will always have his support all the time, adding that he is the “best of the best”.

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Below are the tweets of reconciliation between the formerly beefing Shatta and Samini –

Samini started with “HappyBday #Opanaray. Enjoy your self @shattawalegh.If #kotoko no dey #hearts no dey chale lol. #hgf seh love onu! #peacetimes #akye”.

Shatta Wale followed, replying that, “Today i followed @samini_dagaati becuz i feel its a happy day for me … its oneness one Ghana ..#supportghmusic”

It did not end there. Samini also followed back saying, “Just followed back bro ….#peacetimes #HGF#SM for #1” Samini tweeted.

Then, the SM Gad finally replied, “Thnx to @samini_dagaati for the ff back …Ghana Remember i said @samini_dagaati and @shattawalegh built this .. HGF x SM”. 

So with these, it is now indisputable that the Shatta Wale-Samini beef is over. The two musicians have finally decided to let bygones be bygones. We sincerely hope that they will do their best to hold unto their decisions.

It is also worthy to note that Criss Waddle who has been in a serious fight with Shatta Wale over the ownership of the ‘Bie Gya’ song also sent him a birthday wish yesterday.