Haters Silenced As Shatta Wale’s ‘Adldas’ Is Comfirmed To Be Purely Original

Shatta Wale wore an Adidas hoodie with the inscription ‘Adldas’ instead of Adidas on it in his controversial ‘Bie Gya’ music video. This has brought about rains of castigation and mockery to the dance hall king since after the launch of his much anticipated album, ‘After the Storm’, with many saying that the hoodie is fake.

However, all those who lambasted Shatta Wale for wearing a fake Adidas hoodie, may now have to swallow their words as it has been discovered that the Adldas hoody is no fake.

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According to reports, a search on Adidas website which is the official website for the brand reveals that the spelling ‘Adldas’ is a variant of the Adidas brand and is purely their original product. The photo below confirms this.


However, we are still wondering whether Shatta Wale himself knows the Adldas hoodie he wore was still an original product of the Adidas brand.

We are left with this puzzle as a result of his post on Facebook and an interview he granted on ‘AM Pluzz’ hosted by Sammy Flex on Pluzz FM last week.

In the post and the interview, Shatta Wale related that he believed the spelling of the Adidas on his hoodie was wrong and that he was even advised not to use it but went ahead to use it because he knew it was going to be a subject of discussion.

A day after the launch, Shatta Wale (presumably in mockery) posted a picture of Nigerian Songstress Tiwa Savage also wearing a hoodie also bearing the inscription ‘Adldas’.

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This evidently shows that most people do not know Adidas officially released that product as a variant. But could Shatta Wale just be seeking attention and publicity by pretending he didn’t know “Adldas” was a another brand by Adidas or could it be that he simply do not know?

Although, the ‘Kakai’ hit-maker has enjoyed all the buzz generated by this issue, (which we suspect is what he wanted), we advice both fans and haters to do extensive research on issues before they come out publicly to lash out criticisms.

We have noted that Adidas is a brand that so many producers have imitated using slight differences in spelling which are hardly noticeable. We’ve come across so many of them such as ‘adibas’, ‘adidos’, ‘abibas’, etc.