Shatta Wale’s Assault Brouhaha: Dancehall King Compensates Bodyguard With Motorbike [Video]

According to plans, Shatta Wale’s bodyguard slap drama is indeed giving the media stories to tell…

Latest on the slap episode is that Shatta Wale has finally made it up to his ‘assaulted’ bodyguard, Biggie Sparta. Not only that, he has also comforted him with a motorbike. In a new video posted on his Facebook wall, the Shatta Movement Boss is seen showing off on the streets with some members of his crew before apparently presenting a brand new motorbike to Biggie.

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Watch video below:


It started making headlines following the S-Concert held over the weekend that Shatta Wale’s bodyguard, Biggie Sparta got a hot slap from the Dance Hall musician during the event.

Shatta Wale actually slapped Biggie Sparta while performing at the S-Concert held at the Accra Sports Stadium on the night of Friday, 1st December. The slap has since sparked outrage on the media, with many, both fans and foes demanding that the SM Boss apologises to Biggie Sparta.

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Amidst the criticisms, Shatta Wale’s bodyguard came out to say that the ‘slap episode’ was just a stunt meant to generate news for bloggers! A live video posted on Shatta Wale’s Facebook timeline showed some members of Shatta’s crew, including Biggie eulogizing the Shatta Movement and their boss, Shatta Wale.

Speaking in the video, Biggie said that people will not understand the love he has for Shatta Wale and that even if he slaps him again and again, he will continue to be loyal to him. Raining insults on people who advised him to take on Shatta Wale because of the slap, Sparta said that he would continue to serve the Dance hall King as long as he lives.

“If Shatta Wale has slapped me, is it your ears?” he asked in the video; adding “…me and Wale to the grave.”

Watch video below:

Sparta Deserves The Slap – Shatta Michy

Shatta Wale’s girlfriend and baby mama, Diamond Michelle popularly known as Shatta Michy has also reacted to the ‘bodyguard slap’ brouhaha. Shatta Michy took to her Facebook wall to lash out at those who are criticizing her man for his actions, calling them hypocrites.

According to Michy, many would have been rejoicing if Shatta Wale got stabbed by a fan on the night. For her, the issue of security is very crucial and the bodyguard deserves what he got for failing to do his job.

”Why are some people hypocrites like that? Imagine this had been a different situation God forbid headlines would have been “ fan stabs shatta at show’ and that’s where your fake asses would have been saying sorry left and right. To avoid a situation like that, security should have been on his eagle eye and since he didn’t, a man who is hot as ever did what he feels would let him remember never to lose guard again .. stop the shallow thinking. We talking security here. Anything could have happened,” Michy wrote on her timeline.