Flagstaff House Visit: Here’s Why Shatta Wale Is Begging Bloggers To Drop “Self Acclaimed” from His Dance Hall King Title

A series of new developments have been popping up since after Shatta Wale’s Flagstaff House visit…

Since after his Dancehall King hit release, popular Dance Hall musician, Shatta Wale has always been referred to as the “self-acclaimed dance hall king”. But the musician has tendered a plea, especially to online news reporters to drop the ‘self-acclaimed’ thing from his Dancehall King title.

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Shatta Wale’s ardent plea comes on the heels of his recent visit to President Nana Akufo-Addo at Ghana’s seat of government. Shatta Wale’s Flagstaff House visit was made possible following an invitation from the president on his 33rd birthday – October 17.

Recall that few days ahead of his birthday, Shatta Wale tweeted Nana Addo, informing him about his day, and asking what the president would offer him. In response to the tweet on his birthday, Nana Addo, suggested the Dance Hall King pays him a visit at the Flagstaff House.

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Shatta Wale who gladly accepted the high-profile invitation, honoured it yesterday, Wednesday, November 1.

During the visit, President Akufo-Addo told Shatta that he has no Land Cruiser to give him. He instead, presented him with a memento, designed with the Coat of Arms – the symbol of authority of the nation. The President praised Shatta for his philanthropic work and urged him to keep it u, after a few jokes and laughter that refleted a high level of cordiality.

Shatta Wale, on his part, thanked the president for the invitation and urged him to support the music industry. He said musicians like him and Stonebwoy could be music ambassadors for the country and boost the image of Ghana on the international scene.

Few hours after Shatta Wale’s Flagstaff House visit, President Nana Addo who is obviously in love with Shatta, took to his official twitter handle to announce the musician’s courtesy visit to the public. Posting some photo’s from the call, Nana Addo wrote:

“The ‘Dancehall King,’ @shattawalegh, was at the Presidency this afternoon to pay me a visit, after my invitation to him, on his birthday.”

Highly elated by the President addressing him as “Dancehall King”, Shatta Wale took to his handle to retweet the President’s tweet, bragging that his title has been confirmed by the President of the Republic. He therefore begged bloggers to stop adding ‘self-acclaimed’ to it since the President has recognised the fact that he is truly the Dancehall King.