My Loyal Fans Were Given To Me By God -Shatta Wale

ShattaWale takes out time once again to to debunk rumours of him going diabolic in a bid to attain success. The ‘Am Ok’ hit maker who is regarded as the king of dancehall in Ghana, undoubtedly is one of the high profile Ghanaian A-listers with the most incredible fan base. Shatta’s fans are seen as the most loyal there are. They always support the dancehall king in good times and in bad.

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It is said that his fans go the extra mile to defend their boss even if they would insult to get their voice out there. Whenever he releases a new song, they do not hesitate to share the links in all nooks and crannies of social media.The (Shatta Movement) SM clan does not spare anyone who dares to say something negative about their boss.

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Shatta Wale doing his thing on stage
The SM gad doing his thing on stage

For this reason, some ‘haters’ as they are called have encouraged rumours of ShattaWale having to use charms to win the loyalty of his fans.

But when the ‘Bie Gya’ singer was asked on Vibes on 5 by Arnold Elavanyo whether he has used some charm of a sort on his fans because of how loyal they are, he replied that he has had nothing to do with charms. The ‘Kakai’ hit maker on admitting the incredible loyalty of his fans, attributed it all to God’s doing.

The loyalty of Shatta’s fans can be seen during the much talked about ‘Bie Gya’ discord between him and Arab Money Gang (AMG) boss Criss Waddle, which had raised a furore among  his (Shatta’s) fans. The dancehall king’s fans had taken to virtually every platform on social media to blast Criss Waddle accusing him of stealing Shatta’s song ‘Bie Gya’.

However it was later discovered that the two all got the song from the original owner ‘Achipalago’. But as for Shatta’s fans, no one dares challenge the SM gad.