Shocking: You Won’t Believe What Happened At Prophet Albert Mensah’s Wedding!

I wonder what our world is turning to, especially as wolves in sheep’s clothing continue to parade themselves as men of God in the name of pastors, prophets or what other names they chose to be called. Few days ago, the wind blew and one of such hypocrites was exposed.

Hell was let lose amidst what would have been a solemn marriage ceremony between the founder of the Jesus Foundation Ministry and his pregnant fiancee when a 20 year-old nursing mother showed up at the scene with her three week-old baby and some family members. The lady, whose appearance disrupted the marriage proceedings claimed the wedding pastor, referred to as prophet Albert Mensah is the father of the baby and that she will not allow him to run away from his fatherly responsibilities.

The most bizarre aspect of the story is that Albert has already come to Miss Mabel Patamia’s home(the baby mama) to ask for her hand in marriage not a long time before abandoning her to marry another lady. The embarrassment was immeasurable as Mabel rained curses on Albert before his family as well as other couples who came to be joined in matrimony too. Mabel’s mother who came to the wedding venue with her daughter expressed her surprises:

“I’m surprised he could have a change of heart and make a U-turn two weeks after the delivery of his baby boy by my daughter,” Madam Patamia bewailed.


The mum of the 20 year old who had given birth for the pastor spoke to the Daily Graphic, and exposed the vile nature of Pastor Mensah. Apparently, the girl had a medical ailment that the family had traveled around the entire universe trying to heal. On meeting Prophet Mensah, he pointed out that it is a spiritual ailment and that he has the ability to pray for her to be healed. The prophet subsequently requested that Mabel be made to move into the mission house, so that he could dedicate more time to praying for her.

It was during one of our usual searches for a cure for her that we came across Pastor Mensah who promised to heal her, since the condition was spiritual. We agreed to his suggestion because at that time he had a wife who also resided in the mission house and we never anticipated he could, along the line, exploit Mabel sexually,” Madam Patamia pointed out.

She indicated that later the pastor sent away his wife and subsequently started having sexual relations with Mabel on her (mother’s) blind side.

When the issue came to our notice and we confronted him, he denied and suggested that his interest was to groom Mabel and marry her. She was then six months’ pregnant, but it was not noticeable due to her slender figure,” she indicated.

She said later when the family realised that Mabel’s illness still persisted, they asked her to return home.

It was on her return that we noticed some changes in her, and when we queried her, she confessed to being pregnant for Pastor Mensah, who had even had an ultra-scan carried out on her to determine the growth and gender of the foetus,” she explained.

The family met the pastor again, where he accepted responsibility and told the family he was planning to marry Mabel. He was fined Ghc 1,000 which he never paid, and the next thing the family knew he was getting married to his fiancée, also a member of his church whom he had impregnated.

To people’s greatest amazement, Albert expressed surprise over the action taken by Mabel and her family while his bride also maintained unexpected calm and quietness throughout the whole episode.

Unfortunately for Mabel, she made nothing meaning full out of the whole show as the marriage ceremony still went on successfully after the entire fuss because according to the registrar, there was no formal marriage between the pastor and the girl that would invalidate this new union.