Sierra Leone Needs More Than Our Prayers, Condolences – Mahama To Africans

Former President John Dramani Mahama has bemoaned the slow rescue response of Ghana and other surrounding African countries to victims of Sierra Leone Mudslide.

The former president who believes that African leaders, and particularly the Ghanaian government are not prompt in offering adequate emergency relief to Sierra Leone in this time of distress, took to his official twitter handle to air his opinion.

Mr. Mahama called on the ECOWAS and her member states to come to the rescue of their sister country, pointing out that prayers are not doing enough for the disaster-stricken country.

Sierra Leone Mudslide

The fatal Sierra Leone Mudslide struck Regent, a mountainous town in the Western rural district of Sierra Leon on Sunday night [August, 13]. The hazard was brought about by a heavy rain which led to the collapse of a hill side in the area, submerging buildings and claiming hundreds of lives.

Mass burials for the casualties which reportedly number over 300 began on Thursday, August 17. At the moment, reports reveal that not less than 600 persons are still missing, and about 4,000 others displaced by the horrific natural disaster.

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The Ghanaian media since after news of the disaster broke have been displaying a somewhat laissez-faire attitude toward the call for the country’s relief. In what is also believed to be a slow or rather late response, President Nana Akufo-Addo on Thursday took to twitter to announce that Ghana is “in the process of” sending relief items to Sierra Leon.

Three days after the disaster, many expected that Ghana should have or are already sending relief items, and not still being in the process. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also disclosed its intentions to send relief to Sierra Leone, saying that donations from the general public are welcome.

It is perceived to be against this lapse that former president, John Dramani Mahama issued a challenge to all political leaders in Africa to direct their focus on best ways of assisting the Sierra Leone mudslide victims instead of resorting to the extension of numerous messages of sympathy and consolidation.

So far, military personnel have been deployed to help rescue those still trapped in the mud. An emergency response centre has also been established in Regent to help put situations under control.