Smartty’s Should Be Jailed By Now – Ace Ankomah Lashes Out on Gov’t.

Ace Ankomah, member of Pressure Group, OccupyGhana has accused the incumbent government of condoning corruption even when they say they’re fighting it. This he said while lamenting on how lenient the government has been in addressing the Smartty’s bus branding scandal.

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According to Ace Annan Ankomah, the Mahama-led administration is continuously violating the country’s procurement laws. The lawyer who is so much infuriated by government’s hypocrisy on the issue of Smartty’s refunding the excess payment made for bus branding says the culprits are supposed to be followed up with the law.

Smartty’s who has been told by the government to refund the excess Ghc1.9 million out of the Ghc3.6 million paid for branding 116 buses have not complied and nothing has been done about it. Ace Ankomah explains that this is so because they are allowed to do so only when the company is found culpable.

According to him, the practice goes contrary to government’s repeated pronouncements that it is fighting corruption.Ace Ankomah went on to explain that,

In the previous government, we passed the Procurement Act to regulate public procurement. What have we done? We have shown the world how we can pick loopholes in our own laws.”

Why should a bus branding transaction be single sole-sourced? And then the Attorney General tells us that they were able to find three cheaper sources in Ghana, clear breach of the procurement laws which says people should be lined up to go to jail.

And then we are faced with a tail lame refund, give the money back to us and go away. Let’s tell the chicken thieves to refund the chicken, maybe a head and a thigh the next day. We are making a joke of our laws and yet we say we are fighting corruption,” he lashed out.

Meanwhile, OccupyGhana has constantly criticized government’s decision on the issue, and has duly followed up with questionnaires to relevant bodies to answer. They have also vowed to go to court over the matter if they find the answers unsatisfactory.

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