Sonnie Badu’s Reaction To Death Rumour ‘Unexpected’ and ‘Disappointing’?

The Sonnie Badu death rumour which turned out to be false has drawn a seemingly unexpected reaction from the Legendary Worshiper.

News broke out on the night of Sunday, February 26 that Ghanaian international gospel musician, Sonnie Badu is dead. This was after calls for serious prayers on behalf of the singer was made on Instagram by his UK management team who posted a photo of Badu on a hospital bed with closed eyes and captioned “We need all Minister @sonniebaduuk’s prayer warriors to rise and pray, the devil can’t stop him … #JESUSHEALS #HISBLOODSPEAKS”. See photo below:

Sonnie Badu at the Royal Bert Hospital Sunday

The more deplorable aspect of the Sonnie Badu death rumour is how some of the media platforms that bore the news attached a capitalized CONFIRMED to the title, claiming to have gotten their information from a close and reliable source.

However, few hours later, a statement was released by the musician’s management team, debunking the Sonnie Badu death rumour; blaming it on the handwork of “unscrupulous bloggers”. It was explained that Badu who is currently on a preaching assignment in Australia fell ill suddenly and was rushed to the hospital. But he was discharged two hours later.

“Minister Badu wants all to know that he is alive and well and that he is has not finished with his assignment on earth, so all the false bloggers should be told “he is not dying anytime soon””, part of the statement reads.

They also seized the opportunity to inform everyone that he will be in the country for the Ghana Praise 2017 concert. The team also thanked SBM Ghana and Worldwide for their prayers as well as the four nominations he received for this year’s VGMA’s; adding, “let’s win this together and God bless us all”.

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Although neither Sonnie Badu nor his management team named the particular sickness that landed him at the hospital, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, an international evangelist said in an interview with Ghana News Agency on Monday that the singer suffered fatigue.

The evangelist who indicated that similar rumours were recently spread concerning former president Rawlings, Kufuor’s wife as well as himself, described the death rumour mongering as a ‘bad practice which must end’.

Sonni Bad’s Reactions to Death Rumour

Reacting to the rumour in a social media post on Monday, Sonnie Badu slammed those who were spreading the false news, threatening to sue them if they fail to take the posts down in 30 minutes. The ace singer described as STUPID, the attachment of “confirmed” by the media who bore the fake death news. He also prayed that they experience what they said about him if they are actually wishing him death. See a screenshot of the original post below:


In another Instagram post, Badu lashed out on bloggers for posting just anything in other to drive traffic. He sarcastically called on them to clap for themselves; adding that they should rather help him advertise his new album, Soundz of Afrika.

Bloggers clap for yourself s , anything to generate traffic .. smh .. oya kindly advertise my album for me… breaking news SOUNDZ OF AFRIKA OUT !!

A post shared by SOUNDZofAFRIKA OUT NOW Link👇🏻 (@sonniebaduuk) on

Also reacting to the rumour in a Facebook video, Sonnie Badu thanked all those who prayed for him from around the world. He also admitted to falling sick actually saying, “the devil tried it, but I’m doing so well”. He said he will soon continue with his music promotion tour, while asking Ghana and Sydney to get ready for his coming.

But of all the responses to the death claims, the “within 3 weeks may you experience what you typed” has been interpreted as a death threat by many of his admirers whom have described the statement as unchristian. Many have also not welcomed his use of insulting words. Read some of the reactions below as gathered by Olisa Tv:


What’s your own take on the entire episode? What should be the lot of these “unscrupulous bloggers”? And what do you think is the proper way Sonnie should have reacted? Let’s have your views please.