Revealed! Beyonce’s Biological Mother Found To Be A Poor South African Woman [Watch Video]

A South African woman in a video which has gone viral is claiming to be Beyonce’s Biological Mother

Beyonce!, from Durban South Africa?, an interesting one if it turns out to be true. A South African woman in a video which has gone viral is claiming to be Beyonce’s Biological Mother. According to reports, the SA woman from Durban is claiming to be the singing diva’s mom and that she gave her up for adoption in the 80’s when apartheid was at its climax.

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She claimed she gave her up to an American couple who visited Durban and lived in  a hotel where she used to work after Beyonce’s birth in 1984.

In a video which has been trending last week, the so-called Beyonce’s biological mother is seen crying and explaining the whole incident. The woman who said she was not interested in her money, said that all she wants is for her to contact her as there are issues she wants the both of them to talk about. She also said she wants her to come and meet her siblings and know her ancestors.

She also revealed the Queen Bee’s real name to be ‘Busisiwe’ and that the American couple gave her the name Beyonce. According to the woman, the first time she set eyes on her was on TV. She said efforts to reach the Diva over the years have proved futile, and that was what brought about the video.

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The woman went ahead to say that the ancestors are not happy because they want her to come home and know her people. She warned that Beyonce might experience marital problems in the near future if she does not come home to be introduced to her ancestors and change her name formally with a traditional ceremony. She also demanded that the Queen Bee comes to Durban with her husband Jay Z to get married the traditional way.

Meanwhile, no official statement on this has been released by Beyonce.

Watch The Video below to see the ‘supposed’ Beyonce’s Biological Mother: