South Sudan Soldiers Suffocate 60 To Death In A Container?

Amnesty International has said that some South Sudan Soldiers are responsible for the suffocation of about 60 men and boys in a shipping container which led to their death. The group says it has evidence proving that the South Sudan soldiers deliberately suffocated the the men in a baking hot shipping container, leading to their death.

Amnesty says it has done series of investigations to prove this. Researchers from the group have interviewed more than 42 witnesses, including 23 people who said they saw the men and boys being forced into a shipping container and later saw their bodies either being removed or at a mass burial site.

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Recent reports reveal that thousands of people have been killed and displaced since 2013.

The group on Friday decrying the inhumane act by the South Sudan soldiers called for the prosecution of the perpetrators. The incident took place in a Catholic church  in the central town of Leer in October 2015.

Though the government has denied these killings, it was first discovered by the Joint Monitoring and Evaluation Commission which is a regional ceasefire body also into peace keeping.

One of the witnesses (name withheld) also said she saw a commander in the military group open the container to remove about four dead men and closing it back for the rest to die. From their investigations Amnesty also revealed that according to their relatives, the deceased were traders, cattle keepers and students.

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After South Sudan won its independence from Sudan in 2011, there have been civil unrest which subsequently escalated into a civil war in 2013. The country have experienced several killings and retaliatory killings among the various ethnic groups.

The government of South Sudan and equally different rebel sides have countlessly been accused of carrying out these killings. Children have been recruited by these rebels, thousands have been killed, raped, and displaced by this unfortunate, off-the-hook crisis.