‘Stop Attacking Fulanis’ – Police Warns Kwahu Residents

Kwahu residents seem to have gotten a taste of the Fulani herdsmen saga, as similar incidents have begun occurring at the area. But the police has warned the people not to take laws their hands as they (the police), are on the alert to intervene on any extreme situation that might befall them.

The Fulani herdsmen have been reported to invade the farms of the Kwahu residents, and like that of Agogo, have had their cattle mess up their farms and pollute their sources of drinking water. Furthermore, they had blocked the road from Abetifi to the town and robbed them when they the Dwerebease and Abotreansa in the Kwahu area protested against them.

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However, the Eastern Regional Police commander, DCOP Angwubutoge Awuni, has cautioned the rulers of the Kwahu environs to desist from handling it the way they deem fit, rather they should form watch committees to be on the look out for such mishaps, and not to hesitate to alert the police. He said that the police was to handle it in a way it doesn’t complicate issues.

DCOP Angwubutoge who had briefed the Ghana News Agency (GNA), said that the people had barricaded the outskirts of their town to ward off Fulanis who might want to gain entrance into the area, because according to them, the Fulanis had caused lots of havoc in their community. But the Police through the Eastern Regional Police Commander, has assured them of their support saying that they are ready to deal with any group of persons who would threaten the peace of the people.

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As mentioned earlier, the case of the Fulanis has a familiar ring to that of Agogo. Residents of some communities in the area have had the same clashes with the nomads where they were reported to have inflicted atrocities on the indigenes and allegedly polluted water bodies, and destroyed their farm produce. The Fulani herdsmen having been reportedly driven out from Agogo area, are said to have moved to seek refuge in the Kwahu area.